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Shoot sharper shots with this brilliant FREE travel photography guide

(Image credit: Steve Davey)

There are a whole host of things that will affect the sharpness of your pictures, and unlike exposure or composition, there is little that you can do to sort the problem in post-production. 

Conceived as a supplement to Steve Davey's widely acclaimed Footprint Travel Photography book, which now in its second edition, the sumptuously illustrated Sharper Pictures is a 32-page pdf download that will teach you how to recognise the different causes of unsharp pictures, and give you practical solutions. It includes accurate focus, depth of field, camera shake and subject blur, as well as equipment issues. 

Getting sharp pictures is one of the biggest issues for newcomers to photography, but even when you already know your way around a camera it can be handy to have a reminder of how to get the best results from it. And while there are lots of software tools and plug-ins which claim to fix or improve unsharp pictures, none of them are a substitute for getting the shot sharp in the first place!

The download is completely free, and you will be offered the opportunity to sign up to Steve's newsletter for regular photography tips, news on his UK courses and workshops, as well as details of his exclusive range of travel photography tours to some of the most photogenic parts of the world, with all logistics arranged by leading tour company Intrepid Travel

Adam Waring

Editor of N-Photo: The Nikon Magazine, Adam is Digital Camera World's man in the know for all things Nikon-related. A veteran of publications such as PhotoPlus: The Canon Magazine, Adam brings a wealth of knowledge and photographic technique to DCW. Often found playing with the latest kit from the Big N, his personal set-up is built around the formidable Nikon D850.