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Save $100. Facebook Portal is just $99 – a fantastic deal for a digital photo frame

Save $100. Facebook Portal is just $99
(Image credit: Facebook)

There is a fantastic deal on the original Facebook Portal this week, which gets you this much-talked-about bit of tech for half price. The deal lasts until 16 August, and is from Facebook direct.

The Facebook Portal is best known as an easy way to enjoy video calls with friends and family. The service is set up to use the Facebook Messenger service, allowing to make video calls to your contacts - through a large LCD screen that can sit on your kitchen or desk – or get carried from room to room. The big 10-inch screen is an appeal for group chats – but it is also really popular with people who don't have a smartphone or a laptop. So if you have an elderly relative, say, who misses out on family video chats – this is the perfect device for getting them included in the conversation.

But what people don't realize, is that the Facebook Portal is a great digital photo frame – giving you a screen that can display your favorite photographs when you are not using the device for video calls. 

This amazing offer is on the original Gen 1 version of the Portal which has a 10.1 inch screen – and which is available at this 50%-off-price in either black or white.  It will allow you to make calls via Messenger or WhatsApp, but also works as an Alexa device. That means you can use this Portal to check on home security cameras, to play music, listen to the radio - and a whole lot more

Facebook Portal was $199|now $99|Save $100

Amazing half-price deal on the original Facebook Portal with its 10-inch screen. Use this for facetiming friends and family. Turn it into a portable gallery to display your favorite family snaps, or your best photos. And use Alexa to keep you entertained and informed.

US deal. Ends 16 AugustView Deal

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