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Protect your photos with military-grade 1TB SSD hard drive from ioSafe

Protect your photos with military-grade 1TB SSD hard drive from ioSafe
(Image credit: ioSafe)

If there's one nightmare that could make any photographer wake up in a cold sweat, it's the thought that their hard drive has failed and all of their precious, irreplaceable photos are lost forever. However, ioSafe's 1TB SSD hard drive is an astonishingly robust solution for nervous 'togs who seek the ultimate reassurance. 

Photo storage is a tricky beast, and each photographer has a different method for keeping their images safe. However, if you're often out on the road in difficult conditions, then a back-up device that won't crumple at the first errant knock or scrape is absolutely essential. 

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There are many SSD drives that advertise themselves as a hardy option, but are plagued by angry reviews of photographers caught short by an unfortunate malfunction. However, ioSafe's Solo Hawk Rugged SSD aims to solve this problem. 

This strapping device is able to sit in freezing rain for 24 hours, withstand a 10 foot drop, survive altitudes up to 30,000 feet, be exposed to UV/ dust for 24 hours, withstand being crushed by a 2,500 pound object and can be submerged in water up to 10ft for 72 hours and up to 12 inches of chemicals for up to one hour. Phew. 

This chart details the extreme environments the Solo Hawk Rugged SSD can survive

This chart details the extreme environments the Solo Hawk Rugged SSD can survive (Image credit: ioSafe)

Tested to military specifications, the rugged Solo Hawk SSD has been designed so that your data is protected in extreme environments. No matter whether you're "carrying mission data to a remote location, storing manufacturing data on the factory floor, offloading images from a photo shoot in the wild, or simply making sure the cat doesn't spill coffee on your files," as the ioSafe website states.

With a leakproof USB Type-C connector, the Solo Hawk SSD is available in either 500GB or 1TB capacities. It also has 550 MBps data transfer rates, which ioSafe claims are the fastest read/write speeds available in the industry today.

If you're still not feeling reassured, the Solo Hawk SSD includes a two year hardware warranty along with a Data Recovery Service. You can even extend the warranty and Data Recovery Service to five years if you want. 

While currently only available in the US, you can purchase both the 500GB and 1TB version of the Solo Hawk SSD here, starting at $319.

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