Porsche designs a camera phone that looks like a car... if you squint... a lot

Fisher Price 'Chatter' toy phone on a vector road background
(Image credit: Future, Fisher Price, www.vecteezy.com)

Picture the scene: you're in the market for a new camera phone, and you've got a stack of cash way too thick to fit in the pockets of your Balenciaga jeans. Obviously the current iPhone, Pixel, or Galaxy S phone is out of the question - far, far too common. A high-end foldable phone would be more befitting of your status, but even these are starting to fall into the hands of the proletariat. No, you need something even more exclusive. Enter the new PORSCHE DESIGN HONOR Magic V2 RSR. A foldable phone, which to quote Honor directly, "provides a sportscar experience in the user’s palm".

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Ben Andrews

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