New emotive climate change photo series by Nick Brandt to be exhibited in Paris

New series The Day May Break from Nick Brandt to exhibit in Paris at the Polka Gallery
(Image credit: Nick Brandt / Polka Gallery)

Renowned British photographer Nick Brandt will have work from his new series 'The Day May Break' featured in an upcoming exhibition at the Polska Gallery in Paris, France, available to view from 21 January to 12 March 2022.

Exhibited for the first time in France, 'The Day May Break' is the first part of what will be a global series by Brandt portraying animals and people that have been affected by environmental degradation, destruction, and badly impacted by climate change. 

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(Image credit: Nick Brandt / Polka Gallery)

(Image credit: Nick Brandt / Polka Gallery)

The images from 'The Day May Break' were first captured in 2020 in various locations, including Kenya and Zimbabwe wildlife sanctuaries, and feature animals that can sadly no longer be returned to the wild, now habituated. Both the animals and humans depicted in Brandt's work have been impacted and scarred by factors of climate change. 

We can take actions to mitigate the harm and save countless lives in the process. The title of the book speaks to this: The Day May Break, and the earth may shatter. Or… The Day May Break…. And the dawn still come. Humanity’s choice. Our choice.“

Nick Brandt

The research team working with Brandt is said to have spent several months searching for climate refugees, people having lost their homes and livelihoods as a result of dramatic floods and draughts. The most unimaginable loss has been experienced by few in the passing of their young children swept away in flash floods. Each portrait by Brandt exudes dignity in the face of hardship and most of all, hope.

"The point is, all these people (and animals) are still alive. They survived. The resilience of some of these people was amazing," Brandt shared, when speaking on his work during 'The Day May Break' series. "Absolutely, yes there is hope. I would not be doing what I do if I did not think that there was hope. The people and the animals are alive, all are survivors in spite of their past hardships. And there lies hope and possibility".

(Image credit: Nick Brandt / Polka Gallery)

Brandt has planned to donate a percentage of of revenue from sales of his new series to the people depicted in his photographs, an action against what he describes as the "ecoside of the planet", something we can all take responsibility against. Previously Brandt has produced works such as 'Inherit the Dust' (2014) and 'This Empty World' (2019) that focus on the human destruction of African wildlife's natural habitats and the disappearance of biodiversity. 

(Image credit: Nick Brandt / Polka Gallery)

(Image credit: Nick Brandt / Polka Gallery)

'This Empty World' addressed issues surrounding the escalating destruction of the natural world at the hands of humans, although his latest series highlights that humans, just like animals, are directly threatened by the impacts of climate change too. "I could no longer ignore climate change, or better phrases: climate breakdown, or climate chaos. Because this will ultimately affect every creature, every human on the planet. Thus, The Day May Break."

(Image credit: Nick Brandt / Polka Gallery)

(Image credit: Nick Brandt / Polka Gallery)

Nick Brandt is a co-founder of the Big Life Foundation, created in 2010, with the objective to protect the animals and ecosystems, that reside at large masses of land in Kenya and Tanzania, against the act of poaching and destruction. 

Be sure to check out the exhibition at the Polka Gallery in Paris, France, available to visit until 12 March 2022. 

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