Mystery solved! Canon reveals what the R in Canon EOS R really means

When companies append random letters to their products, there's always an air of mystery as to what they mean. For instance, the 'i' in iPod and iPhone was one of those mysterious things - until Steve Jobs revealed it stood for internet (well, that's what it stood for when the first iMacs were released). 

Skip to 2018 and the Canon EOS R is here and that dangling R actually stands for something. 

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Marc Chacksfield

A technology journalist who has been in the industry for 17 years, Marc is the former editor-in-chief of TechRadar and has also steered the ship for technology brands including T3, Tom's Hardware and Tom's Guide, and is currently the director of Shortlist Media and co-owner of 

An expert in the field of camera phones and mobile tech, Marc has been a long-time specialist when it comes to phone reviews, hands-on coverage, reviews and rumors. As a frequent visitor to big trade shows like CES, he has also had boots on the ground for the latest camera announcements and breaking developments in fields such as 8K video.