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Mystery solved! Canon reveals what the R in Canon EOS R really means

When companies append random letters to their products, there's always an air of mystery as to what they mean. For instance, the 'i' in iPod and iPhone was one of those mysterious things - until Steve Jobs revealed it stood for internet (well, that's what it stood for when the first iMacs were released). 

Skip to 2018 and the Canon EOS R is here and that dangling R actually stands for something. 

In an interview with DCWatch, Canon revealed that the R in its latest camera actually stood for a number of things throughout the camera's inception. 

"In the development stage, various words such as 'Revert', 'Reborn', etc with 'R' flickered with the meaning of 'redefining' EOS again 'to reactivate'," noted Canon in a translated interview. But none of those were what they went with, instead they chose the R to stand for... Re-imagined.   

Re-imagine all the people

"We have developed the concept of 'Reimagine optical excellence', continues the interview, "and decided to use 'R' for both product name and system name. I felt that I could put down the feelings of the development team well."

So, there you have it. The Canon EOS R is a camera 're-imagined' by Canon, in the form of a mirrorless DSLR with a 30.3MP full frame CMOS and an ISO range of 100 to 40,000. 

Give us a second SD card slot and non-cropped 4K shooting the next time you re-imagine the camera, Canon, and we'll all be happy.

Via CanonRumors