Motorola impresses with rollable smartphone concept

(Image credit: Motorola)

Motorola has introduced a new rollable smartphone concept. We’ve previously seen rollable phone concepts from Oppo and TLC, and LG was working on one before they exited the smartphone sphere last year. Motorola's new offering, seen at Lenovo Tech World ‘22, could be the most practical rollable prototype we’ve seen to date… 


The concept phone starts out at a pocket-friendly 4-inches high and the wraparound OLED panel extends to a normal-sized 6.5 inches with the click of a button. Another click and the phone retracts to the 4-inch form.  

Motorola has demonstrated, as seen in the video above, the rollable phone being usable at both sizes, and demonstrated how the screen content instantly adapts to the screen size. It’s certainly an impressive and practical concept. 

“A screen that adjusts to three distinct states”


“At Motorola, we see the smartphone as an extension of ourselves – a tool that allows us to adapt to our surroundings and accomplish tasks with ease. Now, we are investing in flexible OLED or pOLED, screens to deliver an optimal balance of content and comfort. The Rollable concept embodies this idea with a screen that adjusts to three distinct states: extended, compact, and peek, with a simple press of a button,” said Motorola via a press release. 

The new rollable concept demonstrated at the Lenovo show comes from the team at 312 Labs, Motorola’s internal innovation group of product, research, design, and engineering experts. 312 Labs explores several emerging technology spaces, and  the company says that one, in particular, is; “reimagining device form factors to solve customer pain points and enable new experiences.” Indeed, this new concept clearly builds upon the display and mechanical innovations Motorola has delivered in the Motorola Razr 2022

In addition to the rollable smartphone concept, Lenovo Tech World ‘22 also saw the company debut a rollable laptop PC concept that employs similar technology.

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