Meet the world's first all-in-one magnetic VND / CPL / mist filter system

Freewell Magnetic VND Filter Kit
(Image credit: Freewell)

Freewell has just introduced what it calls the world's first "versatile" magnetic variable neutral density (VND) camera filter, the Freewell Magnetic VND Filter Kit. 

We've seen magnetic filter systems before – including one from the same manufacturer, in the form of the Freewell Quick-Swap Magnetic Filter System. And we've seen magnetic VND filters, too. So what makes the Freewell Magnetic VND Filter Kit so special? It's that "versatile" bit.

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In short, other magnetic VND kits are only special because they're magnetic; the VND filters themselves are, in every other way, just regular filters. Freewell's filters, however, are expertly engineered double-duty filters that serve multiple purposes. 

Watch video: Freewell Magnetic VND Filter Kit

Screw the magnetic VND Base onto your lens and you've got 1 f-stop as standard (which can be removed – more on that in a sec). Now you can snap on a magnetic 2-5 stop filter, or a 6-9 stop filter – both of which have hard stops, despite being magnetic, which helps prevent the dreaded "X" pattern. 

However, there's more to these filters than meets the eye. 

Flip the 2-5 stop VND filter around and it becomes a circular polarizer; flip the 6-9 stop VND around, and it becomes an ND32 polarizer. Want a glow mist filter as well? Simply pop out the 1-stop glass in the VND Base, replace it with the MistxVND Base and you get a 1/8 diffusion filter

You can hybridize your filters, too, and shoot using the glow mist filter in conjunction with a variable neutral density, or with a circular polarizer. In short, if you're a run-and-gun shooter or solo videographer, you no longer need to carry multiple filter kits and fiddly mounts – the Freewell Magnetic VND Filter Kit gives you everything in one. And even the lens cap is magnetic! 

Watch video: Freewell Magnetic VND Filter Kit

The kit is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo, where the campaign was barely online for a day before smashing its goal by over 1,500%. We're usually a bit nervous about crowdfunded products, but Freewell has already sent us a sample of the kit and we're very impressed – look out for a full review of the system soon.

The Freewell Magnetic VND Filter Kit is available in 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm threads, and is available for $299.99 / £219 (approximately AU$407) for Super Early Birds, $349.99 / £255 (AU$469) for Early Birds, as well as a limited edition 95mm version for $399.99 / £292 (AU$536).  

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