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Fujifilm X Summit LIVE report: GFX 100S, X-E4, new lenses announced!

Read our live reporting from the Fujifilm X Summit – where Fuji even discussed the Sony A1!

The Fujifilm X Summit Global 2021 has now concluded – and like previous X Summit events, it played host to a number of huge announcements! 

You can watch the whole event in the YouTube stream below, and you can read our live report on the Summit as it unfolded beneath that. In brief, though, the announcements were as follows: 


We're live, popcorn in hand, waiting to live report all the happenings from the Fujifilm X Summit Global. 

Speaking of which, Sony didn't make much noise about it yesterday, but the Sony A1 features Pixel Shift Multi Shooting – which means that it can produce 199MP images from its 50.1MP sensor.

7 minutes to go and we've just hit 2,000 users tuning in

Omar Gonzalez Photography has already started spamming the chat box. Maybe he has some big announcements to make today as well. 

The "hold music" ahead of the event is surprisingly listenable. It's actually great for my tinnitus. 


Fuji using Google Earth images. Shoulda asked Canon nicely to use its imaging satellites.

Shinichiro Udono is at the Fuji factory, welcoming us to the show with some pre-recorded stuff. Then there will be some live action from multiple countries… and even answering questions!

(Tempting the fate of technical gods much?)

Ah, GFX 100 nods. Interesting. Fuji bigging up the 400MP firmware from November.

Take THAT, Sony A1 and your measly 199MP Pixel Shift!

"Preserve the future" is represented by the ultimate image quality of the 44 x 33mm CMOS sensor. 

"Choosing the large format is your only choice to be be truly satisfied"

Claim just made that no other camera can fully exploit 100MP the way the GFX 100 can. 


New film simulation will be added to the new camera being announced today. 

"Resolution, tone and bokeh" – the  reasons why we chose this sensor size


Full-frame sized GFX 100 features new components, including the IBIS unit, designed specifically for it. 

Weighs just 900g – 500g lighter than the GFX 100!

"More than full frame"

Firmware improvements as well. AF more intelligent and faster – large format camera AF is no longer slow! 

Face and Eye detect AF also improved, with 50% shorter time lag

Movie features – it shoots 4K, and the X Summit is actually being filmed on the GFX 100S!

"GFX 100S can shoot cinema quality movie", says Udono

FUJIFILM GFX 100S PRICE IS $5,999!!!!!!!

That is a BOMBSHELL. The 100MP Fuji GFX 100S is just $5,999 – cheaper than the 50MP Sony A1 

GF 80mm f/1.7 R WR lens will launch along with the GFX 100S in February

Also the XF70-300mm (for X mount, not GFX, obviously) is ready to be shipped, and weighs just 580g

$799 in March

Holy moly, this is going to be an expensive day if you're a Fuji shooter

Takeshi Ueno is about to reveal a new X series camera…

"The latest smartphone camera is good enough… it's almost true! But in my case, it's NOT enough"

This is where the APS-C X-series format comes into its own, so welcome lightest and smallest X series camera…

Fits the palm, front panel is totally flat, so can easily fit the front pocket of a jacket or bag

Same 4th gen sensor and processor as Fujifilm X-T4

This camera is designed for stills, and is intended for 'Snapshooting' 

Paired, they're just 448g – lighter than the X100V

… and looks like an old Nineties Contax setup!

All products should be available in stores at the end of February

That wraps up the new product announcements – stay tuned to DCW as we'll have full stories on each of the new products going live at the end of the X Summit (in 35 mins)! 

Here's something out of left field – the Fuji team is talking about the Sony A1!!!

Jonas Rask was talking about Leicas, and now Mindy Tan is talking about Nikon… 


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