Incredible documentary photography exhibition shows reality of life at sea

Incredible documentary photography exhibition shows reality of life at sea
(Image credit: A neighbourly visit to the penguins by Michał Krzysztofowicz)

The National Maritime Museum has announced its 'Exposure: Lives at Sea' exhibition, which will showcase incredible documentary photography exploring life at sea today. Opening on 20 November, 2020, this exhibition will focus on "isolation and camaraderie, science and survival, climate change and conservation – the lived experience of men and women at sea". 

Showcasing the work of six seafarers and researchers, this documentary photography has been designed to show large-scale panoramic works against smaller and more intimate pieces. With locations ranging from the reefs of Mexico to the desolate landscapes of Antartica, the 'Exposure: Lives at Sea' exhibition will show the different ways people interact with the sea.

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The six photographers featured in the exhibition include Corey Arnold, Peter Iain Campbell, Michał Krzysztofowicz, Popescu Cezar Gabriel, Jennifer Adler and Octavio Aburto. Corey Arnold is a commercial fisher and photographer working in the Alaskan seas. His work highlights how the camaraderie of the crew onboard helps to alleviate the difficulties of such an extreme environment. 

Meanwhile, conservation photographer and underwater journalist Jennifer Adler focuses her images on the feats researchers accomplish while navigating underwater realms to assess the health of our oceans and establish how we can best protect them.

Octabio Aburto is also interested in conservation, using his documentary photography to question how we can balance ecotourism and development. By charting the health of the reef in Mexico through his images of healthy, diverse and abundant marine life, he aims to use science to influence conservation in the region.

The 'Exposure: Lives at Sea' exhibition will open on 20 November 2020 in a socially distanced and visually-led exhibition. The admission is free and you can see more information on the Royal Maritime Museum website. Meanwhile, check out some of the images from the upcoming exhibit below.

(Image credit: Handstand by Corey Arnold)

(Image credit: Immersed by Jennifer Adler, made possible by the National Geographic Society)

(Image credit: Solomon, 2nd Mate. Onboard the Havila Commander PSV by Peter Iain Campbell)

(Image credit: Artisanal restoration by Octavio Aburto)

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