If the iPhone 14 looks like this, we want one!

Leaked iPhone 14 renders
(Image credit: Jon Prosser/Front Page Tech)

The Apple iPhone 14 rumors are continuing to be leaked thick and fast online and at this point we’ve built up a pretty good idea of what to expect. Recently there’s been the hopeful news that Apple are finally going to equip the iPhone with a suitable high-tech front facing camera and the disappointing news that despite looming legislation there’ll be no USB-C on the new flagship. This latest leak is more of a consolidation of all the likely-to-be-true rumors that have been doing the rounds – in the form of some beautiful authentic-looking renders courtesy of Apple leaker Jon Prosser.

Prosser shared a series of HD renders – styled exactly as Apple do - on his Front Page Tech YouTube channel and we think they are as close to seeing the real thing as we’re going to get until the new phone is released in September, assuming Apple follow launch timelines this year.  

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Rachael Sharpe

Rachael is a British journalist with 18 years experience in the publishing industry. Since working on www.digitalcameraworld.com, she’s been freelancing, and contributing to some of the world’s best-loved websites and magazines including T3.com and TechRadar.com and has also had a book, iPad for Photographers, published. She's currently acting as editor of 5GRadar.com - a website specializing in the latest cellular technology.