I can’t believe I actually bought this camera

Limited edition Fujifilm X100VI camera on a wooden surface
(Image credit: Sean McCormack)

A conversation during The Photography and Video Show led me to buying something that I didn’t know I wanted and then paid more than I expected for. I can’t believe that I actually bought this. 

Until the program shut down, I was a Fujifilm X-Photographer. I’m still a Fujifilm X-shooter and still love that whole system. There were perks in the program like getting to try out lenses and cameras, as well as offers. I was there because I love the system. I still have the X-Pro1, the X-T10, 2 X-T2’s, an X-T4 and the X-T5. I even have the X-H2s, though I’ll probably sell it. Why? Because I clearly have too many cameras. I don’t need another one. 

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Sean McCormack

Sean McCormack is a commercial, and editorial photographer, book author, and regular contributor to Digital Camera magazine based in Galway, Ireland. He has extensive experience with Lightroom, dating back to its original beta version, and has tried out just about every plugin and preset available. His latest book is Essential Development 3: 25 Tips for Lightroom Classic’s Develop Module