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Fujifilm goes hybrid with its new flagship Instax Mini Evo

The INSTAX MINI EVO Hybrid Instant Camera (Mini Evo) combines instant camera prints with digital imaging technology, so you can select, store and reprint your photos.

Check out our guide to the best digital instant cameras to see how these work. The idea is that you save by printing only the pictures you want, and you can print multiple copies as your pictures are captured and stored digitally. 

The Instax Mini Evo uses INSTAX MINI Instant film, so you get card-sized analog prints, and it comes with an INSTAX Mini Evo smartphone app both for remote control and for printing photos straight from your camera roll – so it works as a smartphone printer too. 

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10 integrated lenses, 10 film effect options

(Image credit: Instax)

Fujifilm calls them lenses, but they are ‘lens modes’ such as 'Vignette', 'Soft Focus', 'Fisheye' and more. These work in combination with ten different film effect options including 'Vivid', 'Monochrome', 'Retro' and others to provide 100 possible creative permutations.

On the front of the camera is a ‘selfie mirror’, and round the back there is a 3-inch screen for selecting and editing images. The Instax Mini Evo is powered by a built-in lithium Ion battery that should be enough to print up to 100 images. These are stored on a micro SD card slot ensures there’s plenty of room to store images for later enjoyment, while the selfie mirror helps users nail selfies every time. 

There’s going to be a new instax film alongside the Instax Mini Evo. Called INSTAX MINI Stone Gray instant film, it will offer an alternative to the traditional white-bordered look that should work especially well against vividly printed images. The INSTAX MINI Stone Gray instant film will be available in a single pack with 10 exposures.

(Image credit: Fujifilm)

Instax Mini Evo pricing and availability

The INSTAX MINI EVO Hybrid Instant Camera will be offered in black or silver and will cost purchase $199.95 / AU$299. 

While Fujifilm is not expecting it to go on sale until February 2022 in the US, so sadly it’s going to miss the party season there, it's going to be available to buy in Australia starting December 1, 2021. So get those party hats ready! There’s no news yet on UK availability.

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