Finally — Abode Edge wireless security camera can work a mile from your router!

Abode Edge Wi-Fi camera with 1.5-mile range on a white background with antenna fitted
(Image credit: Abode)

One of the complaints levelled at wireless smart home security cameras is the (sometimes very) limited range of the Wi-Fi on which they depend. Abode, a company with a history of smart home camera tech, has presented a new camera – the Abode Edge – which could solve that, increasing the range to a whopping 1.5 miles!

I've got to admit that's a pretty exciting concept. I don't like having to lay cables (and drill holes through my walls) to install cameras, but just this morning I discovered that one of the cameras at the front of my home didn't work because of Wi-Fi range at less than 8 meters (25ft) from the router. Admittedly I have brick walls, but nevertheless Wi-Fi has limitations.

Abode's newly-announced solution takes advantage of a new(ish) tech, Wi-Fi HaLow, which was actually first shown back at CES 2016. This tech is also called IEEE 802.11ah (you can see why they went for 'HaLow'), and uses the lower frequency 900MHz band to transmit data. This means it sends less data, but further (normal Wi-Fi is 2.4/5/6GHz). According to TomsGuide , which I'm inclined to trust, the limit would be about 15 Mbps. Even if that's a best-case scenario, it should be more than enough for a video feed (my 4K Eufy S330 cameras use up to 400Kbps for a live stream).

The (perhaps over-enthusiastic) reported that the camera has "10 times the range, 100 times the coverage area, and 1000 times the volume" of traditional Wi-Fi – which still might not equate to the quoted 1.5 miles by my maths, but could still represent a significant improvement!

The Abode Edge specs have not been shared in detail, but we know it'll boast a 6,000 mAh battery which Abode say will last 'up to' (always a crucial phrase with this kind of camera) a year. It'll also be IP67 rated to survive the elements for that time. Power saving will be assisted with a 'deep sleep' and the maximum range requires the external antenna (pictured).

Although it doesn't rely on LTE, when it comes out in 'the first quarter of 2024' it'll cost $199 and rely on your having at least a basic Abode Security Kit (the cost of entry there is $139). Like most competitors, the system also benefits from a subscription plan for AI features and cloud storage which costs $3.99 a month for one camera or $6.99/month for unlimited cameras.

Of course, we keep a guide to the best outdoor cameras you can buy right away, and a separate guide to those which – like Abode's – are HomeKit cameras.

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