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$80 off the near UNBREAKABLE Olympus Tough TG-6!

$80 off the near UNBREAKABLE Olympus Tough TG-6!
(Image credit: Olympus)

Ever wanted a camera that you can take in the sea, the sand and the snow? A camera that can be dropped and stood on without breaking? A camera that's safe from extreme weather and excited kids alike? Then check out this great Amazon Prime Day deal on the Olympus Tough! 

A rugged outdoor camera designed to overcome the elements, the Olympus Tough TG-6 is now just $369 – a serious saving on its regular $449 SRP.

Our pick as the best waterproof camera, and also one of the best cameras for kids, the Tough TG-6 is a great all-round tool with 4K video and slow-motion all the way up to 480fps(!!!), with fantastic close-up macro and microscope shooting modes and even advanced features like Pro Capture so you never miss an action shot.

Olympus Tough TG-6: $369 (was $449)
The Tough TG-6 just keeps on rocking! It has fantastic macro and microscope modes, shoots 4K 30fps and 1080p up to 120fps (and even 480fps, if you drop to 360p!) and is a fantastic all-weather, all-purpose camera. View Deal

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