Convert any bag or backpack into a camera bag with Tenba BYOB

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Following the popularity of the existing BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) range of specialist photography bag inserts, Tenba has launched a total refresh of the lineup, adding some exciting new inserts to enable any bag to be converted into a fully functioning camera bag.

The aim of this system is to allow the photographer to use any of their existing backpacks or shoulder bags as a camera bag, providing all of the necessary protection expected from a high end specialist camera carrier.  This allows beginners in the field, just starting out on their photographic journey, to avoid putting forward a significant investment for a bag which may not meet their requirements within a few months of experimenting with various genres and associated kit. The inserts easily mold to the shape of the outer bag, distributing the storage compartments accordingly. 

The inserts can be used within another bag or as a stand alone carrier (Image credit: Tenba)

This latest update has been in direct response to feedback from Tenba's customers. A handy new feature is the addition of a shoulder strap, which allows the inserts to be used as standalone bags when only transporting a small amount of gear. This increased the flexibility of the range to meet the photographer's needs in their day-to-day work.  

When inserted into a larger bag they form a protective core, for when the conditions of the shoot dictate that an extra layer of insulation is required. The system can be expanded as the photographer requires more space for their items of equipment. 

The new range is built to be a perfect fit for a huge variety of DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, plus lenses. To maximize the appeal to photographers, it includes options for both shoulder bag and backpack use, allowing room for personal preference.

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A brand new herringbone fabric, available in two colors - black and blue, with a dark grey interior - lends style. New D-rings enable to use of the now supplied shoulder straps, which are nylon-webbed for extra strength and durability. 

The inserts come in both orientations to increase their adaptability to any bag shape. The backpack insert has a vertical orientation, with a top-loading aperture. This makes it easy to use with any backpack, as well as totes and other tall packs. 

They are constructed from water-repellent 300D herringbone polyester, with reliable YKK® zippers. The stretchy mesh side pockets provide a place to store smaller accessories, waterbottle or small desktop tripod.  

Designed in New York, the Tenba BYOB range now includes an option for all tastes and budgets. 

The Tenba BYOB 9 Slim Backpack and DSLR Inserts are available in Black and Blue and are priced at $45.95/£38 and $49.95/£48 respectively. 

The BYOB 10 Backpack insert will set you back $55.95 / £42 while the standard camera insert is $29.95 / £38. 

The most affordable is the Tenba BYOB 7 Camera Insert at $29.95/£28, followed by the BYOB 9 Camera Insert ($45.95 / £30). 

The Tenba BYOB 13 Camera insert is $59.95 / £42, again available in black and blue options. 

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