Celebrate International Polar Bear Day with these un-bear-lievable photos!

International Polar Bear Day images by photographers supplied by picfair
Polar bears in snow (Image credit: Ellen Wallace / Picfair)

International Polar Bear Day is celebrated annually on 27 February and was initially organized by non-profit charity, Polar Bears International, a conservation organization for polar bears that was founded in 1994.

The day is celebrated and promoted now to raise awareness of the impact that environmental causes such as global warming are having on Polar Bear habitats, and reduced sea ice limiting polar bear populations.

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International Polar Bear Day encourages people to find ways that they can reduce their carbon output, such as turning down their thermostat or driving less on shorter journeys. The day has also been used in some instances to encourage the installation of energy efficient insulation in specific houses.

The folks over at Picfair have kindly shared some polar bear images with us submitted from some incredible photographers, that showcase the beauty of polar bears whilst highlighting that urgent action is needed to protect them from endangerment. 

Polar bear by Monika N (Image credit: Monika N / Picfair)

Polar bears mother with cubs by Claudio Ghiglione (Image credit: Claudio Ghiglione / Picfair)

Did you know: polar bears are actually black, not white! Their skin is black with transparent fur that has a hollow core that reflects light, helping with camouflage.

Mirror mirror on the wall (Image credit: Derek Kyostia / Picfair)

Timeless dance (Image credit: Derek Kyostia / Picfair)

Derek Kyostia has spent many years observing and managing a grizzly bear viewing operation, focussing on public education, and later found an additional love for sub-arctic polar bears in a seamless transition "just as one was bidding the grizzly bears goodnight for the winter, the abbreviated ‘polar bear season’ was upon us." He continues that "I’ve become a bipolar guide bouncing back and forth seasonally between the poles. Bears are beautiful, sentiment, powerful, intelligent charismatic mega-fauna. Who wouldn’t want to capture that through photography?!".

Incoming (Image credit: Derek Kyostia / Picfair)

Polar bear mother and cub by Tamara Mitchell (Image credit: Tamara Mitchell / Picfair)

Fun fact: Some polar bears can weigh as much as a small car! One of the largest bear species on the planet, an adult male polar bear can often weigh up to 600 kilograms and reach 3 metres tall when standing on their hind legs. 

The last polar bear in Africa by Marthinus Duckitt (Image credit: Martinus Duckitt / Picfair)

A big thanks to Picfair and the contributing photographers featured for supplying us with these wholesome arctic images, and joining us in celebration and support of International polar bear day. Our favorite image has to be Polar bears in snow by Ellen Wallace, simply beautiful. 

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