Calibrite launches brand new monitor calibration software suite

Calibrite Profiler
(Image credit: Calibrite)

The two big names in monitor and printer calibration are X-Rite and Datacolor... Correction, *were*. Datacolor is still in the game, but in 2021 the packaging, distribution, and marketing of X-Rite's photo and video calibration products transitioned to a newly formed company: Calibrite.

(Image credit: Calibrite)

Until now, the rebranded X-Rite calibration products used lightly modified X-Rite software, but Calibrite has now launched brand new monitor profiling software called Calibrite Profiler. This "feature-rich and intuitive color workflow profiling solution" is said to provide a "clear and logical user interface that delivers superior monitor profiling with just a few clicks". Varying user experience levels are catered for by built-in presets designed to suit everyone from novices to experienced color pros.

"This software release represents Calibrite’s commitment to innovation and excellence in color calibration and profiling for photographers, video editors, and all content creatives. Listening to the customer and responding with simple solutions that make streamlining color workflow a practicable priority is our number one goal. And with PROFILER, this is possible.”

Brenda Hipsher, VP of Sales and Marketing for Calibrite.

(Image credit: Calibrite)

The new Profiler software contains presets for photo, video, and pre-press, along with one-click functions for streamlined profiling. Delve deeper and settings such as luminance, white point, contrast targets and patch sizes are all customisable, saveable to custom presets, and even sharable.

Profiler also includes a new suite of utilities to evaluate monitor image quality, including utilities to check monitor colour and luminance uniformity across the screen, while Monitor Validation can be used to check the color accuracy of an existing color profile.

(Image credit: Calibrite)

Calibrite Profiler is available for free to all Calibrite Display device owners, and X-Rite branded device users can upgrade to the new software for $9.99 / £8.99.

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