Adorable meerkats ambush a pro wildlife photographer in amazing funny video

Nick Kleer wildlife photographer swarmed by meerkat family
(Image credit: Nick Kleer)

South African wildlife photographer, videographer and private conservationist guide Nick Kleer has become somewhat of a viral sensation from sharing the most amazing videos of his interactions with wild animals encountered in Africa.

Everything from bear cubs, elephants, lions, black leopards and a family of cheetahs make appearances in his documentary videos, but the pack of baby meerkats he encounters regularly have really stolen the hearts of the internet. 

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Nick Kleer is a wildlife photographer with over a decade of experience embarking on beautiful photographic safari trips and creating travel packages for adventurers that promote conservation, and leave the animals they encounter unbothered by tourism while guests join him, guided on a once in a lifetime tour by Kleer himself.

Posting snippets of his African adventures to Instagram, Kleer shared a video that recently went viral after an adorable and curious meerkat family approach the photographer while he was laying on the ground. The video (below) shows Kleer using a remote trigger while remaining still to capture shots of the meerkat swarm, with two using his head as a lookout for prey and to gain a higher vantage point. 

The video was captured at Jack's Camp in Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, Botswana, while Kleer was leading a tour in March. When speaking with the Mail Online, Kleer shared that the meerkat group had spent 20 minutes around him, with the female leader of the pack being the first to climb on him and establish trust. 

"The area is very flat, so they use people to get higher" he states, "It made me so happy. It's such a wonderful experience. The babies are extremely cute". Kleer suggested that the meerkats in this area have become so used to people that they do not regard them as any threat. "They just use us the same as they would a rock or termite mound to get a better vantage point". 

Kleer also works as a conservationist with Conserv who encourage guests and travel partners to support wildlife by travelling with a purpose, and conserving all that you see while on a tailor made, luxury magical safari experience, privately guided and chartered by experts in conservation immersion.

On his social media accounts, Kleer has posted selfies with an elephant in a pool, various reels of jaguar sightings, a video of sleeping baby meerkats, got up close with grizzly bears in Alaska, and continues to share breathtakingly stunning examples of his wildlife photography. 

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A Canon shooter, Kleer appears to use a Canon EOS-1D X series camera for his work, though it's difficult to tell exactly which model he uses. At a guess it looks like the latest Mark III edition. Kleer can also be seen using a GoPro and smartphone to document his travels and share the most unbelievable experiences a photographer could ever hope to witness. 

He describes many of his experiences with wildlife as the greatest honor of his life, and for those who wish to join him, he welcomes enquiries via the website and is booking dates for a 2023 photo trip in Alaska. 

Be sure to follow Nick Kleer on his social accounts to keep up to date with his unbelievable life as a wildlife photographer and proud conservationist. 

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