Leica M10-R to be announced next week

Leica M10-R to be announced next week
(Image credit: Nokishita)

UPDATE: The Leica M10-R looks set to be announced next week, as the manufacturer has started teasing "the unveiling of the next M10 family member". 

A livestream is set for 15:00 CET on Thursday 16 July (see the embed below), which is expected to be for the new Leica M10-R. The question remains, however, what resolution this new camera will offer.

The initial reports, as outlined below, were that the "R" stood for "resolution", with the M10-R set to feature a pixel-dense 47MP image sensor. More recent reports, however, suggest that it will actually feature a 40MP sensor – and that it will be a color version of the black-and-white sensor featured in the Leia M10 Monochrom

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With the reveal less than a week away, we won't have to entertain speculation for too much longer – though with the new Canon EOS R5 boasting a huge 45MP sensor, the Leica M10-R is going to have a new challenger whatever resolution it ultimately features. 

UPDATE 30 JUNE 2020: Fresh images and information about the Leica M10-R have been leaked, and it paints a slightly different picture of the upcoming camera.

Originally the "R" was thought to stand for "resolution", with it being thought that the Leica M10-R possessed the same 47MP sensor as the Leica SL2 (which is technologically very similar to the Panasonic S1R). 

However, the latest reports suggest that it actually has more in common with the Leica M10 Monochrom – in fact, it may have a very similar 40MP sensor to the one in that black-and-white camera, only it will be a color sensor on the M10-R.

That's according to a story by Leica Rumors, following the leak of the above and below new images of a black M10-R by Nokishita. The big question is, since the Monochrom sells for over $8,000, will all the extra colors add to the price tag? 

With a reported announcement by 16 July, we won't have long to wait until the official word…

If the "R" in the Leica M10-R name doesn't stand for "resolution" then what does it mean? (Image credit: Nokishita)

ORIGINAL STORY 20 JAN 2020: Hot on the heels of announcing its latest Monochrom camera, it has been revealed that Leica has registered a new camera: the Leica M10-R. And, according to reports, the "R" may stand for "resolution", with the camera packing a 47-megapixel sensor.

We've only just seen the new Leica M10 Monochrom – an $8,300 / £7,250 / AU$13,500 rangefinder camera that shoots solely black-and-white images – but the new Leica M10-R has been spotted by the all-seeing sleuths at Nokishita.

The new camera has been submitted for certification with the FCC. "Sample machine 'M10-R' for the M10 monochrome [sic] M10 monochrome certification test, which is listed in the Leica M10 monochrome FCC certification document," tweeted Nokishita, which also shared the FCC doc in question that contains images of the new body. 

These previously leaked images from the FCC registration depict the Leica M10-R in silver

These previously leaked images from the FCC registration depict the Leica M10-R in silver (Image credit: FCC)

Externally, at least, the Leica M10-R looks identical to the Leica M10 Monochrom, with the exception of the new model name on the top plate and the reinstation of the signature Leica red dot on the front. 

Internally, however, we're potentially looking at a very different beast – and not just because the new camera will shoot in color. Indeed, while the Monochrom possesses a 40.8MP monochrome sensor, it is rumored that the M10-R will feature a 47MP sensor. 

This dates back to a report that first appeared last May, detailing a new high-resolution Leica that was purported to be announced in time for Photokina. "There could be a new Leica M10X with a 47MP sensor rumored for Photokina 2020 (not sure what X stands for - maybe 'xtra resolution')," wrote Leica Rumors last year.

Externally, the Leica M10-R looks largely the same as the Monochrom – possibly with good reason

Externally, the Leica M10-R looks largely the same as the Monochrom – possibly with good reason (Image credit: FCC)

"I guess I was wrong on the "X" part, but I was still correct on the 'Resolution' portion," the site posted in a new story. "Leica recently registered a new Leica M10-R camera with the FCC and I think the 'R' in the name stays for 'Resolution'."

Of course, the last camera that Leica revealed at Photokina was the 64MP medium format Leica S3 DSLR back in 2018 – and we're still waiting for that camera to materialize. We'd be very excited if the M10-R does indeed appear at the supershow in May, though – as will the purchasers of the Monochrom, who no doubt need a companion camera if they want to shoot color images. 

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