Tim Flach interview: the sixth extinction and the democratization of photography

Tim Flach interview: the sixth extinction and the democratization of photography
Blue-throated macaw. IUCN Red List status: Critically Endangered (Image credit: Tim Flach)

Award-winning animal photographer Tim Flach is one of the headline speakers on the Super Stage at The Photography Show: Spring Shoots – a two-day virtual festival taking place this weekend, on 06 and 07 March. 

On Saturday at 14:00 GMT he presents his talk, 'How to evoke empathy through animal portraiture', which will be one of the highlights of the event. You can register FREE for The Photography Show and find out more about how to attend this essential premium session. 

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I’m an experienced professional photographer whose commissioned work focuses on shooting creative and natural-looking images of people, mainly for clients in the business and industrial sectors. Shot mainly on location but sometimes in the studio, my pictures are used to illustrate websites, branding toolkits, adverts, external and internal communications, and marketing and sales materials. Commissions often involve having to shoot not only portraits but also documentary images and details that illustrate a particular working environment – whether that place is a laboratory, a shipyard or a FTSE 100 boardroom. I’m genuinely interested in other people, and consistently get good results from staff working in a range of contexts, and at all levels. I regularly take pictures in both the UK and internationally, and am confident shooting with limited time, in more challenging conditions, and with or without direction. My aim with any job is always to produce images that not only offer a creative interpretation of the brief but also realise the client’s strategic objectives.