What the f-stop! Test your photographic knowledge in our weekly quiz

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How good is your photographic knowledge? Do you know your f-stop from your stop bath? Our new weekly quiz will test you out with 10 fun multiple-choice questions. How well will you do?

1 Which German city is the home of Leica cameras?

a Wolfsburg

b Wetzlar

c Wittgenstein

d Würzburg

2 A wise photographer once said “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough”. What is their name?

a Magnum war ace Robert Capa

b Wildlife supremo Jim Brandenburg

c Documentary portraitist Jane Bown

d Fisheye afficionado Bill Brandt

(Image credit: Canon)

3 Canon’s budget DLRs are known as Rebels in the USA, and by numbers like the 4000D in Europe. But what curious family name do they have in Japan?

a Kanpai

b Kasquai

c Kiss

d Klute

4 Which of these is not an attachment for modifying the light from a studio flash head?

a Snoot

b Beauty dish

c Magic wand

d Fish fryer

5 The symbol Ø is frequently found on a lens - what is it used to indicate?

a Infinity

b The diameter of the filter ring

c The minimum focusing distance

d The circle of confusion

(Image credit: Keystone/Getty Images)

6 What is the name of the person with the Pentax camera around his neck in this 1964 photo?

a John Lennon

b Paul McCartney

c George Harrison

d Ringo Starr

7 What is giclée printing?

a Traditional darkroom technique using a gelatin-based emulsion

b Fine-art print from an inkjet printer

c Digital image printed onto traditional silver halide printer

d Printing onto a non-paper medium - such as slate, or wood

8 Which Photoshop tool would you most likely use to increase contrast in your images?

a Masks

b Channels

c Curves

d Magic Wand

9 How much larger is the imaging area full-frame sensor compared with an APS-C sensor?

a 2.5x

b 1.5x

c 3.5x

d 2x

10 Which of these is designed to protect your rights when taking pictures of people?

a Model T Ford

b Model village

c Model release form

d Model agency

Want to know what you scored? Find out on the answers page…

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