People used to choose a mic for quality – now they just copy rich podcasters!

Mark Steadman podcasting
(Image credit: Mark Steadman)

When I first started making podcasts for people in 2008, we all used what we could afford at the time. When I began, audio equipment company Behringer had a “podcasting kit” that came with a couple of mics and a mixer that I couldn’t plug into my computer.

Since then I’ve helped around 1,500 podcasters with the tech and tools they need to get started – and, increasingly, podcasting means video. So as well as making sure we sound great, we also want something that’ll look good on camera.

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Mark Steadman
Creativity Mentor

Mark Steadman's love of radio started at Birmingham's famous BRMB, and he specialised in Internet Radio at university. He graduated the same year the term 'Podcasting' was coined. He has made a career of helping people make podcasts, first in exchange for beer but later in exchange for money. He built, and eventually sold, a podcasting platform which served millions of listeners around the world. Now he consults with podcasters to help them reach their vision; as well as offering courses for anyone looking to launch a podcast – visual or audio-only. He's also a big fan of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.