Olivia Bossert on how behind every great location photo shoot is a great team

Olivia Bossert
(Image credit: Olivia Bossert)

I lived in Cornwall for almost 10 years, and in that time was lucky enough to shoot in some beautiful places. When a friend of mine approached me and asked if I’d be interested in shooting in a newly refurbished manor house, I jumped at the chance. As a fashion photographer, getting access to locations can be tricky.

I went to visit the house, and immediately felt captivated by its romance. It’s located in quite a secluded part of the county, the Lizard Peninsula, and it’s probably my favorite area because it’s so wild, rugged and was the chosen area for Daphne Du Maurier’s’ Frenchman’s Creek

Olivia wasn’t going to shoot in this room, but out of nowhere she heard hair stylist Zeb scream out that the light was amazing in this room. Olivia grabbed model Tamsin, they ran in, and got this shot. It’s one of Olivia’s favourites.  (Image credit: Olivia Bossert)

While walking through the grand rooms, that definitely had a lot of story to tell, I imagined a young, glamorous woman, running away from a life in the city with her lover. The photo shoot you see here is how I imagine her day would progress on her wedding, from her waking up, to getting ready, to the end of the day.

We were lucky to have a gorgeous sunny day when it came to shooting, and thanks to the massive windows, I didn’t need to use much artificial light. I’m a sucker for soft, golden light and, as it was late November, the sun stayed low almost all day.

They didn’t spend much time outside, because it was cold and the house was so beautiful, but this sequin dress really stood out in the bright sunlight. (Image credit: Olivia Bossert)

Makes the dream work

These shoots are always a big team effort, and I was lucky to have an incredible stylist on board, Nicole Davidson. She brought along some beautiful clothes, my favorite being the long and sparkly wedding dress, which kept catching the light in amazing ways. My favorite shot of the day, though, has to be the ones taken on the chaise longue surrounded by flowers. Working with Down By The River Florals, we created the vision I had. It was a dream come true!

I shoot a mix of film and digital. I’ve always shot with Nikon, my current setup being the Nikon D750, and my film camera is a Nikon F100. I used both of these here. My lens of choice at the moment is either the

or , both of which I love. Because I’m shooting a mix of digital and film, I try to match my digital to my film images as closely as possible, to make the story run together. To make sure that my colors are as accurate as possible, I use a to calibrate my laptop and my desktop screens, which means that I know that my colors will always be true to life.  

This was one of the last shots of the day. The sun was really low, and streaming in through one of the windows. Olivia sat Tamsin down directly in it, and the windows created the most beautiful reflections on her face. (Image credit: Olivia Bossert)

A shoot such as this involves more than just the photographer. A big thanks to the team: Photography: Olivia Bossert Hair: Zeb Gethen Makeup: Charlotte Albert Styling: Nicole Davidson Photography Assistant: Jade Hill Model: Tamsin Hough Jewellery: Tiffany Weller Flowers: Lisa Marie Grigsby Location: Tremayne House

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