The Canon EOS R6 Mark II looks like a brilliant camera... but I won't be upgrading

Rumored Canon EOS R6 Mark II
(Image credit: Canon)

In the run-up to Black Friday and Christmas, we've seen manufacturers racing to launch their latest enthusiast and advanced cameras. Sony, Fujifilm and Canon have all released new models in the last month, and while these are seemingly faster and smarter than their predecessors, are they actually better? Given the current cost of living squeeze, should we all be rushing to buy the newest cameras or making do with what we have already? Well, maybe that depends on how and what you shoot.

A few weeks after I bought a Canon EOS R6 and a 50mm f/1.8 lens, Canon went and launched the R6 Mark II. Very inconvenient of them, given how long it took me to decide on what new model to buy. Of course, it does look like an incredible camera, and I’m wondering whether I should part with even more cash, trade in the R6 for a pitiful fee, and take the hit for what could be one of the best Canon cameras around.

I’m sure there are many other photographers out there now wondering whether it’s worth upgrading to the R6 Mark II. We’ve got a separate Canon R6 vs R6 Mark II article that clearly compares the specs of both cameras. The new R6 Mark II has more megapixels, faster shooting and better video features, and while I'm frustrated that I didn't wait (not that I knew it was coming), I'm certainly not going to upgrade anytime soon.

I’ve always been a bit of an on-off Canon user, after brief affairs with Sony, Fujifilm, and in my magazine career, Nikon. So what is it that finally made me buy the EOS R6? Especially when the 20MP sensor is lower than many of the best mirrorless cameras? Like many, I'm a generalist photographer. I do a few commercial commissions, the odd wedding and then... take lots of photos of my dog. The Canon EOS R6 felt like a versatile all-around camera that can shoot most things well, and given my budget, I saw it as an EOS R5 with lower resolution and less high-end video.

Lauren Scott
Freelance contributor/former Managing Editor

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