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Change gear

Trade in and upgrade your setup with MPB for the perfect shoot, every time

They say the only constant is change, and this goes without saying for photographers and filmmakers.

Staying current with technology seems so crucial. As new releases become more and more expensive each year, it’s getting harder to know when to make the change.

This process should be easy.

Buying used makes your money go further. It means a broader choice of lenses, extra travel budget and more freedom to concentrate on your craft. Better value, better gear, better photos.

MPB gives you unrivalled access to gear. They add thousands of cameras and lenses to their platform every week, so you can upgrade to what you love in exchange for what you no longer need. They’re not tied to any manufacturers, so all their advice is completely impartial.

Change the way you buy, sell and trade.

Change gear.

Buy, sell or trade in your kit with MPB

It’s quick, easy and secure to trade with MPB. Simply follow these four steps:

How to buy from MPB

1. Search for what you’d like to shoot with next. Every item is individually checked, photographed and graded by MPB’s product specialists.

2. Choose what condition rating you’d like. There’s something for every budget, from like new to heavily used.

3. Click buy and fill in your details.

4. Shoot with your upgraded gear. Everything comes with a free six-month warranty, for your peace of mind. There’s next-day delivery available too.

How to sell to MPB

1. Get an instant quote. Head over to MPB's site and fill in the form with information about the kit you’d like to sell. Just pick one of the five condition ratings - it’s easy!

2. Get a box. MPB pay for insured collection of your kit. It’s commitment free, so you can change your mind at any point. 

3. Agree the price. MPB’s product specialists will check your camera, and confirm your quote.

4. Get paid. MPB will send money straight to your bank account. If you’re trading in, they’ll deliver your upgraded gear free of charge. It’s that easy.

Get more information or try MPB yourself