63 free Photoshop templates for photographers

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31. PSD #5 (opens in new tab)

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This bright, summery PSD template is one that can transform both portraits and landscapes a-like with its high exposure and vibrant tones. It's easy to use, too. 

32. Photography business card (opens in new tab)

This snazzy business card will definitely catch attention from clients, and it's certainly a template that you can adapt. Perfect for photographers, right?

33. PSD Colouring (opens in new tab)

This template can help give your images a much darker tone, compared to some of brighter ones on this list. It creates classy finishes and works for an array of different scenes. 

34. Moodboard template (opens in new tab)

Another minimal moodboard template for you to drop your images into, this is one has scope for 17 images. The heart-shaped image in the centre is a nice touch. 

35. Polaroid template (opens in new tab)

You've gone retro with your filter, but you haven't got the classic Polaroid style until you've invested in this template. It has a nice texture to it, and it's really easy to get the hang of. 

36. Treasury PSD (opens in new tab)

Who doesn't want brighter, shinier better tones in their photos? This template is great for that, and can be toned down accordingly. 

37. Professional photography flyer (opens in new tab)

Back onto the theme of marketing your photography, this flyer template is awesome for showcasing your work, and it's really easy to personalise. 

38. Pastel colouring (opens in new tab)

Pastel colouring can be hard to get right with adjustments, so let this template do all the hard work. It produces nice tones and doesn't wash out your colours. 

39. PSD Colouring pack (opens in new tab)

If you're looking to recolour your photos, this pack may give you some ideas. The PSDs can help to transform your images easily.

40. Website template PSD (opens in new tab)

Building websites can be alien to those who don't know how to do it, but as photographers are creative people, this template may just help you to build some kind of layout in Photoshop. 

41. PSD Colouring (opens in new tab)

A much more muted, grittier colour palette, this template can help you to create almost grungy effects in an instant, and they're so versatile for your photos. 

42. PSD #36 (opens in new tab)

This PSD brightens up the red in your image and generally adds a nice tone. It works best with portraits but can applied to a variety of images.

43. Frame collage (opens in new tab)

This photo frame collage is a novel way to share your work and has a retro Polaroid feel to it. Of course, you can duplicate the frames too.

44. PSD #3 (opens in new tab)

For photos with a significant amount of red in, this template is great for upping the saturation and keeping a strong vibrancy. 

45. Pastel PSD  (opens in new tab)

Another pastel template, this one is a touch more washed out for more of a toned down feel. It works best with pinks and light yellows. 

46. Vintage frame template (opens in new tab)

These frames are a different way to display your images, either on social media or otherwise. If you want to give the impression of a classic painting, they're particularly useful.

47. Vintage effect pack (opens in new tab)

You can never have too many vintage effects! These ones contain subtle filters and light leaks for a truly retro feel, and combine nicely with the Polaroid frames from earlier on. 

48. Instant showcase (opens in new tab)

If you're looking to show the breadth of your social appeal, this is a fun template to use. Simply replace the images within the iPad, phone, laptop and desktop to show your social media across different devices. 

49. PSD Colouring (opens in new tab)

Another vibrant template, this one is particularly good for blues and reds, which is useful as boosting both can be difficult to do effectively. 

50. Street dreams PSD (opens in new tab)

This template has a nostalgic touch to it, with bright colouring being dulled down a little in favour of sepia toning. It's great for landscape scenery too. 

51. Holidays templates (opens in new tab)

This Holidays template can be used as a flyer or newsletter, but it's perhaps best employed simply as a collage with the option of adding some text. 

52. Polaroid photo frames (opens in new tab)

These Polaroid frames work so well because they're based on simplicity, and they can be a nice addition to your social media, among other things. 

53. Pick Me Up Colouring (opens in new tab)

This big, bright light leak is beautiful on any photo and easy to apply. Remember too that you can tone it down by altering the opacity of the layer. 

54. PSD #35 (opens in new tab)

A PSD that works well with greens and golds, this template has a regal feel to it, while not losing any of the brightness that makes it work so well. 

55. Infinity PSD (opens in new tab)

This template is a touch over-saturated, but the effects that it applies can be toned down a touch. It still offers a great mix of blue, red and yellow with just a few clicks. 

56. ET PSD (opens in new tab)

A PSD that can help make your images a little paler and muted, this is a good template for anyone looking to create stark feel in their images. 

57. Melted sadness (opens in new tab)

This is a warm, soft template that would really benefit autumnal pictures. It's perfect for yellows, oranges, golds and browns, and looks fantastic on more nostalgic-looking photos. 

58. Clarity PSD (opens in new tab)

For a range of different colourings, this PSD can be a useful asset. It's always good to keep a selection of different palette options depending on the photo. 

59. PSD Colouring #39 (opens in new tab)

This is a really subtle template. It boosts the reds in your photo without dulling the other colours, and doesn't over-do them either. It's a good option for sunsets. 

60. Beach concept PSD (opens in new tab)

A real leftfield option for displaying photography, why not replace the blackboard in the shot for one of your own photos? This template might catch the eye more than any other when it comes to showing off your work. 

61. Flyer template (opens in new tab)

Another flyer template, this has a very professional feel to it, and all the images can be swapped out for your own. You can vary colours too with adjustments. 

62. Magical PSD Colouring  (opens in new tab)

This template focuses on a coral-like shade of red to be at forefront of your photo, turning everything else a tint of cyan. Your photos will certainly stand out with this. 

63. Liberty colour template (opens in new tab)

For warmth, this template is beautiful. It turns a summery day into an even brighter one, and it can be turned out for an even more retro effect.

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