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The best MacBook Air cases and sleeves in 2021: options for every style and budget

The best MacBook Air cases and sleeves
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If you're looking for the best MacBook Air case, you've come to the right place. With so many cases and sleeves currently available online, it can be difficult to know which one's right for you, and that's where our handy guide can help. 

After you've spent a fair whack investing in a MacBook Air – with its beautiful, but highly scratch-able, aluminum chassis – you'll need to protect it in some way to avoid any costly repairs, and this is why a case is a necessary purchase. 

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Having the right case will guarantee the safety of your MacBook Air against everyday accidents, spills and scratches; and the most robust one can even help prevent devastating scenarios, like a cracked screens or hardware damage, from becoming a reality. 

There are a few things to consider before you buy a case or sleeve for your prized MacBook Air: you'll want to decide how much protection you need – some of the options here offer lots of protection and are durable enough to withstand big drops – so that your case will take the brunt of any accidents, rather than your MacBook Air – but might not be quite right for you if you're careful with your tech and want something that's beautiful, slim and lightweight. Other cases add to the functionality of your MacBook Air by providing extra side compartments or carry handles, for example. Alternatively, you may need the case to be rugged and water-resistant, depending on where you intend to use your MacBook Air.

We've got a great line-up of MacBook Air cases for you to choose from, so no matter what your needs or budget are, you're sure to find one that's perfect for you in the list below. And, because we’ve included our price-comparison tool, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best deals on MacBook Air cases currently online.

(Image credit: Apple)

1. Apple Leather Sleeve

The best leather MacBook Air sleeve from the official makers

Manufacturer: Apple | Style: Sleeve | Material: Leather and microfiber | Colors: Midnight blue, Saddle Brown, Black | Compatible with: 13-inch MacBook Air

Fits the MacBook Air like no other sleeve
High-quality leather product
Microfiber lining
Fiddly to charge while in the sleeve

If you don't want a case that lives on your MacBook Air permanently, then you can protect your device with a sleeve like this one from Apple. This sleeve is crafted from sumptuous, high-quality French leather that exudes luxury, and being an official product, it fits your MacBook Air like a second skin. The quality of this product is unparalleled – which is only right, given the high price tag – as soon as you open the box, you're met with a beautiful smell that comes from the top-class leather; it isn’t that overpowering, offensive one that you tend to find on cheaper leather sleeves. Not only is the leather tough and durable, but the case will develop a wonderful patina over time. There's a choice of muted, sophisticated colors and the sleeve's details are neat and stylish: from the stitching around the edge of the case to the debossed Apple logo on the top, and there are even four impressions of the base that line up with the feet on the bottom of your MacBook Air. The case comes with a soft microfibre lining that gently encases your MacBook Air, ensuring it's protected while you're out and about. Of course, if you need a highly protective case, you should look elsewhere – but for everyday use, this sleeve case cannot be beaten. And it's slim enough to pop into a dedicated laptop bag, should you need further protection.

(Image credit: Incase)

2. Incase ICON Sleeve with Woolenex

A lightweight sleeve with bumper protection for the MacBook Air

Manufacturer: Incase | Style: Sleeve | Material: Woolenex | Colors: Graphite, Navy, Pink (as pictured) | Compatible with: 13-inch MacBook Air

Lightweight Woolenex
In-built bumper protection
A little pricey

This Incase ICON Sleeve provides complete surface and side protection for your 13-inch MacBook Air. It offers a little more protection than the leather Apple sleeve option above, as the Incase sleeve features a shock-absorbing Tensaerlite bumper. The bumper has been molded and sewn to each side and provides maximum impact protection with minimal weight. The sleeve comes with upper and lower compression panels that are form-fitted to firmly secure your MacBook Air while you're on the move. The 3mm-thick cushioned interior with plush, faux-fur lining helps to keep your device safe, and looking shiny and new for longer. There's a secure magnetic closure that prevents unwanted slips, and keeps out everyday dust and debris. The exterior of the sleeve is made from durable Woolenex – a special material which works well at repelling moisture, mildew and chemicals. The case feels great and hold, and is slim enough to pop into a backpack easily enough for further protection, should you need it.

(Image credit: Incase)

3. Incase Textured Hardshell in Woolenex

The most durable lightweight shell case that offers good protection at a good price

Manufacturer: Incase | Style: Shell | Material: Woolenex with faux-fur lining | Color: Graphite, Heather Navy | Compatible with: 13-inch MacBook Air

Fits the MacBook Pro perfectly
Incredibly lightweight
Adds a little bulk

The Incase MacBook Hardshell for the MacBook Air is crafted with premium Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate – a durable material that is remarkably lightweight yet offers your device reliable protection from everyday scratches and impacts. And the Hardshell exterior has a Woolenex material overlay – a lasting blend of abrasion-resistant fabric that works well at repelling the elements, with a great feel and look. There are precision cutouts for full access to ports, lights and buttons, and its injection molded construction includes thorough ventilation to avoid overheating, plus the rubberized feet ensure your MacBook Air firmly in place. As this hardshell encases your MacBook Air, it does add a little weight and bulk to your device, so if you're looking to keep things lightweight and slim, you'd best opt for the Incase sleeve design or leather Apple sleeve featured above.

(Image credit: Tomtoc)

4. Tomtoc Recycled Laptop Sleeve

The best value, lightweight MacBook Air sleeve with corner protection

Manufacturer: Tomtoc | Style: Sleeve | Material: Recycled plastic | Color: Black, Grey, Dazzling Blue, Mint Blue, Blue Black | Compatible with: 13-inch MacBook Air

Military-grade protection
Slim and lightweight
Environmental friendly
A handle on this sleeve would be a welcome addition

If you are looking for a case that protects your MacBook Pro from scratches and some light liquid spills, while at the same time looks good and doesn't cost too much, then look no further than this offering from Tomtoc. This sleeve case is great value and comes with one main compartment with a soft, plush interior to ensure your MacBook Air is properly protected and a secondary large pocket for all your extras and valuables. This sleeve is pretty slim and incredibly lightweight, so won't offer as much protection as some others in this guide, but if you already have a solid laptop bag, you could pop this into it for extra protection. It's good to see that lots of thought has gone into the design of this sleeve too: the zippers work well and there's a nice, soft ridge to the main compartment so you can rest assured that you won't scratch your prized tech while popping it in and out of the sleeve. And this sleeve offers 'Military-Grade CornerArmor Protection' on all four corners (previously this was only available on two). So now, you have more advanced shock protection from accidental drops and bumps. 

(Image credit: LuvCase)

5. LuvCase Laptop Case

Embellish your MacBook Air while protecting it in a hard case

Manufacturer: LuvCase | Style: Hard shell | Material: Plastic | Colors: Silk White Marble, Blue Mist, Red Gold Marble | Compatible with: 13-inch MacBook Air

Easy to pop on
Nice design allows you to see the Apple logo on your MacBook Pro
Not the most protective

If you don't want to spend loads of money on a case, then a simple one like this hard, plastic case from LuvCase might suffice. Attaching the two-piece hard shell to your MacBook is easy enough; it snaps on without too much trouble and is a near perfect fit. The bottom shell has vents to allow maximum heat dissipation to avoid your device from overheating. As the case is lightweight and slim, you could choose to use it along with a MacBook Sleeve. If you'd like to use it on its own, that's fine, but there are other hard cases that offer better protection. Having said that, if you're a careful owner, this hard shell case will happily prevent scratches, or smudges damaging your expensive MacBook Air. The case also features a unique cut out on the top, so that the Apple logo of your MacBook Air can be seen. Another nice touch are the four rubberized feet, that will keep your MacBook Air firmly in place and safe from accidental spills. If you don't fancy the marble design, and want something that's a little more subtle, you may like to consider the clear, case hard shell from B Belk, that features below.

(Image credit: JETech)

6. JETech Laptop Sleeve

The most affordable, top-quality case with a handle

Manufacturer: JETech | Style: Sleeve with handle | Material: Polyester | Color: Black, Blue, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Purple, Red | Compatible with: 13-inch MacBook Air

Comes with a handle
Offers good protection
Not drop-proof

This sleeve case from JETech might be inexpensive, but it's nicely made, using good materials so you can rest assured that it's durable enough to look after your expensive tech. The exterior fabric is splash-proof making it easy to clean and helping to keep your MacBook Air safe inside. It's also constructed using shock-proof sponge and inner foam that help to cushion your device, and effectively protects it from unwanted scratches and shocks. While the sleeve has its own handle – which is great if you're after a lightweight case – the sleeve's design is slim too, so you could easily slip it into a dedicated laptop bag or backpack if you wanted to add some further protection. The case is functional too and features an extra zippered front pocket for other items or valuables. While others might offer better protection against big drops, this is a great case that has a carry handle – something that's lacking on many other sleeves, and it comes in a selection of colors.

(Image credit: Mosiso)

7. Mosiso MacBook Air Shell Case

The most affordable hard shell case for the MacBook Air

Manufacturer: Mosiso | Style: Shell | Material: Plastic and TPU | Colors: Lots. (Too many to list) | Compatible with: 13-inch MacBook Air

TPU bumpers offer great protection
Screen and keyboard protector included
Others offer more protection

This heavy-duty, plastic hard shell case comes with beveled ridges and a keyboard skin, offering your laptop good protection all round, against spills, scrapes and scratches, while the TPU bumper will help to safeguard your laptop further should you accidentally drop it. For a plastic case, this feels really satisfying to hold too. The thin rubber cover for the keyboard feels a little odd to work with, but if it's not to your liking, you don't have to use it (however, it could help to guard against expensive repairs after a little keyboard spillage). There's a multitude of color options, from Living Coral to Marsala Red (pictured here); it has a transparent hard shell so your Apple logo will shine through, but the design might not suit everyone. The case is simple to fit on (and take off) and you have full access to all buttons and features, so recharging it isn't a problem. As it encases your MacBook Air, there are two rows of vents on the underside for safe heat disbursement to help prevent your laptop from overheating. The case also has four silicone feet to help to keep it cool, as it creates a little bit of space between your MacBook Air and your desk. 

(Image credit: Tomtoc)

8. Tomtoc Laptop Case Sleeve briefcase

The best MacBook Air case with carry handle and bumper protection

Manufacturer: Tomtoc | Style: Briefcase | Material: Polyester | Color: Grey, Black, Dark Blue, Sage | Compatible with: MacBook Air

Military-grade CornerArmor protection
Neat carry handle
Style not to everyone's taste

If you're looking for a good value case with a carry handle that can offer great protection to your MacBook Air, then this offering from Tomtoc might be the one for you. It features two built-in CornerArmor on the bottom edges and the 3D soft inner padding to protect your laptop from falls, bumps, and scrapes, just like car airbag would. The Tomtoc MacBook Air bag is made from robust 600D polyester and features a Japanese YKK zipper, so that it is incredibly hard-wearing, tear-resistant, and splash-repellent. In addition to the main compartment, this case has a front pocket that is specially designed for you to store a power adapter, mouse, or other essentials, helping you to stay organized. The Tomtoc case is very well designed with neat touches, like a belt that keeps your device safely nestled inside.

(Image credit: B BELK)

9. B BELK MacBook Air Case

The best value transparent case for your MacBook Air

Manufacturer: B BELK | Style: Shell | Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane | Color: Transparent | Compatible with: 13-inch MacBook Air

Great value
Bit plasticky

If you're looking for something basic; a case that will just save your MacBook Air from scratches, then a simple one like this transparent case from B BELK might suffice. Attaching the two-piece shell to your MacBook is easy enough; it snaps on without too much trouble and is a near perfect fit, with all the ports accessible. The bottom shell has vents to allow maximum heat dissipation to avoid your device from overheating. As the case is pretty slim, you could choose to use it along with a MacBook Sleeve to add some more protection. If you'd like to use it on its own, that's fine, but there are other hard cases that will safeguard your prized tech more. Having said that, if you're a careful owner, this hard shell case will happily prevent scratches, or smudges damaging your expensive MacBook Air.

(Image credit: Mektron)

10. Mektron Heavy Duty Rubberized Hard Case

The best silicone hard case shell for your MacBook Air

Manufacturer: Mektron | Style: Briefcase | Material: Silicone | Color: Gray, Red | Compatible with: MacBook Air

Solid design
Good drop-test rating
Adds a bit of bulk

If you're looking for a shockproof, shell hard case this one from Mektron takes some beating. The Heavy Duty Rubberized Hard Case Cover combines a hard shell with protective, shock-absorbing ridges on the front and back of every corner, ensuring that your device is safe from accidental scuffs, scratches and drops. It's easy to fit onto your MacBook Air – it fits perfectly – and turns off and on as expected when you shut the cover and open the cover up, plus all the ports are accessible on this case. The protective casing means that it’s nicely protected from scratches while you're out and about. There are some good touches here too: it has rubberized feet that offer additional functionality, enabling you tilt the laptop to make typing and viewing easier, and there are vents on the underside to make sure your MacBook remains cool. As expected, this case will add a little bulk to your MacBook Air, but if you're after drop-protection, you should consider this case – it's great value for money.

(Image credit: Under Armor Gear)

11. Urban Armor Gear Feather-Light Rugged MacBook Air Case

The lightest case that offers the best drop protection for your MacBook Air

Manufacturer: Urban Armor Gear | Style: Hard shell | Material: Polycarbonate | Color: Ice/Transparent | Compatible with: 13-inch MacBook Air

Meets military drop-test standards
Slimline and lightweight
Style not to everyone's taste

If you're a bit accident prone and you know that there will come a point when you'll drop your laptop, you should invest in a case that is going to give it the best and toughest protection possible. This Feather-Light Rugged Case from Urban Armor Gear is difficult to beat: it has been military tested for the ultimate drop protection. The shell is constructed from polycarbonate and it has impact-resistant bumpers to give full protection in case you should drop your precious MacBook Air. The outer shell has a good grippy feel, so you can be assured that your laptop won't slip out of your hands in wet conditions. As with the other shell-type cases in this guide that encase the laptop, there are vents on the underside to make sure your MacBook doesn't overheat. And since it's transparent, meaning that you can still see your prized tech housed inside. A word of warning, you don't want to try taking this case off and on again, as it's a very snug fit, but then again, once it's on and you've added the protection you want to, why would you remove it?

(Image credit: Amnie)

12. Amnie Shockproof and Water-resistant laptop sleeve

The best-value shockproof shell sleeve case for your MacBook Air

Manufacturer: Amnie | Style: Sleeve | Material: Polyester and polyurethane | Color: Black | Compatible with: MacBook Air

Shockproof and water-resistant sleeve
Offers good protection
Not drop-proof

This form-fitting sleeve case ensures a precise fit for your MacBook Air and it feels really sturdy despite being slim and sleek. The outer material is smooth to the touch and waterproof: you can be assured that it will protect your lovely MacBook Pro from knocks, bumps and dust, as well as scratches and spills. The interior lining is incredibly soft, so you know it's nicely cushioning your device's screen and will keep it looking good for longer, while the advanced 6mm high-density, slow-recovery memory foam-type construction will absorb shocks and reduce any impacts while you're out and about. While we don't want to drop-test this, we feel that this case is sturdy enough it protect your laptop should it accidentally fall off a table. This is a good-quality case that offers great protection at a very reasonable price. As this sleeve is so slim, you could easily opt to pair this up with a laptop bag for further protection. 

(Image credit: UZBL)

13. UZBL EVA Always On Work-in Protective Laptop Sleeve and Case with Carrying Handle

The best value briefcase for the MacBook Air

Manufacturer: UZBL (pronounced usable) | Style: Briefcase | Material: Ethylene-vinyl acetate | Color: Black | Compatible with: 13-inch MacBook Air

Rugged EVA outer shell
Convenient carrying handle
Shoulder strap
Design is a little bulky

This durable, rugged case fits most 13-14-inch laptops and doubles as a carry case, with a shoulder strap for comfortable, convenient carrying. It comes with interior clips secured to an elastic slide and bottom straps to ensure your MacBook Air stays nestled safely, even if you forget to zip your EVA case shut, or if it falls off a desk. Also on the inside, you'll find corner tabs that lock onto your device's edges, keeping your MacBook Air fastened inside the case at all times, and it features soft padding that provides an inner cushion. While the hard outer EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) shell retains its rigid shape and provides shock-absorbing protection from impacts and scratches. Some cheaper cases of this sort of design tend to lose their shape quickly, but this case is well-built and solid.

(Image credit: V Voova )

14. V Voova Laptop Sleeve and Carrying Case

The best briefcase for the MacBook Air with additional pockets

Manufacturer: V Voova | Style: Briefcase | Material: Nylon | Color: Black, Grey, Link, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Red, Khaki, Light Blue | Compatible with: 13-inch MacBook Air

Convenient carrying handle
Lots of space for extras
Add a little bulk

This rugged laptop sleeve cover has been designed for those who need good protection, but want a little more space to play with: This case comes with two front zipped pockets, which are large enough to hold chargers, your smartphone, a mouse, small tablets, external hard drives and so on. The case interior has a soft, thick and velvet lining, which protects your MacBook Air against accidental bumps and scratches. Unlike other models in this guide which have a side handle, this laptop sleeve has a retractable top handle, making it easier to retrieve from a backpack or suitcase, and means it safer to carry when you're on the move. The exterior is made using high-quality Oxford fabric – a special waterproof and spill-resistant fabric material – so you can rest assured your tech is safe inside on rainy days. What's more, this case comes in loads of colors to suit all styles.

(Image credit: IBENZER)

15. IBENZER Hexpact Heavy Duty Protective Hard Shell Case Cover

The best briefcase for the MacBook Air with additional pockets

Manufacturer: Ibenzer | Style: Hardshell | Material: TUP and polycarbonate | Color: Black/transparent | Compatible with: 11-inch MacBook Air,. 13-inch MacBook Air

Strong and solid
Bit plasticky

This durable protective case might suit you if you're after a little more protection that is offered by the sleeve designs. The case snaps on easily enough – and should you want to remove it, there seems little chance of damaging your MacBook Air in the process, as there's just enough flex in the case to allow this, unlike with some other products listed here. The IBenzer’s Hexpact has a dual-layer design to help withstand even heavy drops – that's what the manufacturers say, and although we didn't drop-test this ourselves, this case does feel solid. Made out of TUP and polycarbonate, it dissipates the impact of the fall throughout its honeycomb body to lessen the impact on your MacBook Air. The cut-outs and ports are all accessible, as you would hope and you can recharge without removing the case. As with all the cases that fit onto the MacBook Air, the iBenzer’s Hexpact protective cover has vents that help to keep your device from over heating. It also has rubberized corner stands to further aid heat distribution. With its hard outer shell, soft impact resistant rubber bumpers and bottom skid pads, this case is good for protecting your MacBook Air from everyday accidents.

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