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Sony on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018: the best cameras, lenses and deals to look out for

Thinking about buying a new Sony camera this year? It might be worth holding out for a great Black Friday camera deal, or possibly even a Cyber Monday camera deal on a Sony body or lens. 

It’s not long to go now until Black Friday (23 November) and Cyber Monday (26 November). Together, the two days represent fantastic opportunities in the retail calendar to bag a super bargain on a new camera body, lens or accessory. 

Last year, we saw lots of great deals on Sony gear – as well as some not-so-great options. Here, we’ll only be showing you the very best Sony camera and lens deals, followed by the best Cyber Monday Sony camera and lens deals. If you’re thinking about dropping some of your hard-earned cash on one of these pieces of kit, know that you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re making a sound investment.

So what are we anticipating that we’ll see this year for Sony Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? When can we expect to see the biggest savings? And which Canon models should you be looking out for in particular? We’ve got everything you need to know right here…

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sony camera deals: what we expect to see

It’s tricky to predict exactly which cameras will be part of Sony’s Black Friday deals, but we can look towards what is already on sale or offer for a good clue. 

In the US you can find some great deals on some key Sony camera bundles at retailers such as B&H Photo, often picking up lenses or other accessories for free. These include:

- A6500 with free accessory kit, $1,098 (was $1,202)

- A6000 with 16-50mm and 55-210mm lenses plus free accessory kit, $748 (was $1,000)

- A9 with accessory kit, $3,998 (was $4,498) 

- A7 II with 28-70mm, $1,298 (was $1,599.99)

Meanwhile, in the UK, Sony UK is offering cashback on several key products – giving us a strong indication that the cameras featured may be in line for further reductions come November. You’ve got until 31 January to buy any of the products featured in the cashback promotion and get a claim in – so it makes sense to try and buy it as cheaply as possible in the first place.

 Sony UK Camera Deals 

Sony A7 Mark II: £1,140.40 after cashback 

Sony has three strands to its A7 line-up, the A7, the A7R and the A7S. The standard A7 range offers a great compromise between low-light shooting ability and high resolution, being a good all-rounder. The Sony A7 II is a generation old now, so you can pick it up for a steal once cashback is applied – it’s still a great model if you don’t need the latest and greatest tech. View Deal

Sony A6500 + 16-70mm Zeiss Lens: £1569 after cashback

If you’re looking for a superb all-round APS-C performer, you can do a lot worse than the Sony A6500. Pick it up with the 16-70mm lens to take advantage of a massive £380 cashback. With Sony keen to push sales of this range, expect to see more Black Friday deals surrounding both the A6500 and older models.View Deal

Sony RX10 IV: £1,649 after cashback

There’s no getting away from the fact that the Sony RX10 IV is an expensive proposition – but it really is a superb camera, and is especially great for travelling photographers looking to stay flexible but keep the kit bag as light as possible. With the latest cashback offer you can save the cost of at least one local-ish flight.View Deal

Sony RX100: £278 after cashback

The original Sony RX100 stretches back a few years now. Revolutionary at the time, you can pick it up for a steal these days at under £300. You don’t get the latest and greatest tech, but if you’re looking for a reliable and well-performing pocket camera, it’s a good option. Expect to see more deals on the whole RX100 range come Black Friday.View Deal

Our predictions? We think there's a high chance that Sony will be going all out on its Sony Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in a bid to claw back any lost attention thanks to Nikon and Canon’s latest releases. For that reason, expect to see great deals on the entire range of full-frame mirrorless cameras, but also the APS-C models and its RX series of compact and bridge cameras.

As soon as we start seeing the best Black Friday on Sony cameras appearing, we’ll post the best ones here.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sony lens deals and accessories: what we expect to see

Taking a look at the existing offers is a good way to give us similar clues about which lenses could be in for a big discount with Sony Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Until 31 January 2019 some of the following lenses are included in cashback offers from Sony:

SEL16-70mm Zeiss lens: £80 cashback
SEL 24mm f/1.8 Zeiss lens: £80 cashback
SEL 16-35mm Zeiss lens: £100 cashback
SEL 28-135mm G lens: £170 cashback
SEL 85mm f/1.4 G Master lens: £100 cashback
SAL 135mm f/1.8 Zeiss lens: £170 cashback
SAL 300mm f/2.8 G lens: £400 cashback
SAL 500mm f/4 G lens: £800 cashback

And on the video and accessory front? Here’s what Sony is discounting for now:

F43M External Flash: £80 cashback
128GB SF-G128 SD card (the world’s fastest SD card): £50 cashback
Handycam AX100: £100 cashback

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sony camera deals: when will they go live?

Last year, Sony launched its official Black Friday deals on Sunday 19 November, bringing it in line with other manufacturers who also did the same thing. Other big retailers, such as Amazon, began releasing Black Friday deal info a little earlier, from around the 17 November – a full 10 days before Black Friday). If this year follows the same pattern we can expect roughly the same schedule for 2018.

Look out for a selection of Black Friday deals on Sony’s websites from Sunday 18th November, with Amazon and the like debuting its own offerings from Friday 16th November. 

For Cyber Monday, keep a look out for deals appearing on the day itself, with Amazon’s Lightning Deals likely to pop throughout the Cyber Monday 24-hour period.

Where to find the best Black Friday Sony camera and lens deals in 2018

One of the biggest questions, as always, is where exactly you can find the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sony camera and lens deals this year.

Apart from Digital Camera World, of course, we think the best-value deals are likely to appear on Amazon, eBay, NewEgg and Sony itself. We’ll be scouring the web to find the very best Sony Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals here, so make sure to bookmark this page and keep checking back throughout November.

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