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The best phone mounts for bikes in 2022

Trail rider using their phone, within one of the best bike phone mounts
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The best phone mounts for bikes make it easy to follow GPS directions, listen to music, or see your alerts while you're out cycling. Whether you're popping to the store, commuting to work or out on the trail, your smartphone will be safe, visible and accessible at all times. 

So what's the best phone mount for your needs? Well, firstly, that depends on where you want to install your mount: on the handlebars, the stem of the bike, or the stem cap. The kind of cycling you'll be doing also matters; for example, gentle rides in town will need require less ruggedness than dirt tracks on your mountain bike. 

So read on as we reveal the best phone mounts for bikes on the market today, and give you the information you need to choose between them.

The best phone mounts for bikes in 2022

(Image credit: Quad Lock)
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1. Quad Lock Mount

The best phone mount for bikes overall

Compatible with: All smartphones using compatible case (sold separately) | Mounting type: Handlebar or stem | Dimensions: 7 x 12 x 4.3cm | Weight: 159g | Waterproof?: No

Strong and secure
Easy to remove phone
Optional action cam adaptor
Requires separate case

Quad Lock has a great reputation for the quality of its accessories. And so it's no surprise that this mount is our pick as the best phone mount for bikes overall. 

Your phone is held in a case (sold separately) specific to that model. The mount can be attached to handlebars, and can also be rotated for over stem mounting. It comes with three bar spacers (31.8mm, 25.4mm and 22mm) and an Allen (Hex) key, and if you want to use it with your GoPro, there's an optional action cam adapter (again, sold separately). 

Once you've paid for the mount plus the case, this is a fairly expensive option. But the high quality and robustness of this system makes it excellent value overall.

(Image credit: Nite)
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2. Nite Ize Wraptor

The best phone mount for day-to-day cycling

Compatible with: Most smartphones | Mounting type: Handlebar or stem | Dimensions: 13.2 x 6.4 x 3.2cm | Weight: 68g | Waterproof?: No

Fits all sizes of phone
No separate case required
Rotates through 360 degrees
Not the best for off-road

While the Quad Lock system (above) requires you to buy a separate case and mount, the Nite Ize Wraptor is an all-in-one package, featuring a silicone grip that stretches over the corners of your phone to secure it. This fits a wide range of smartphones, including plus-size ones, with or without a case. 

This mount is not quite as robust as the Quad Lock, so it's not our top choice for off-road or mountain biking. But we do think this is the best phone mount for everyday cycling. 

Its flexible mount makes it easy to attach to both handlebars and stems, with no tools required. It rotates through 360 degrees, allowing you to view your phone in either portrait or landscape mode. As well as bikes, it can also be used to secure your phone to a stroller or treadmill. And to top it all, it's surprisingly affordable.

(Image credit: Topeak)
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3. Topeak Ridecase with Mount

The best phone case + mount combo

Compatible with: Phones with screens 4.5-5.5 inches in diameter | Mounting type: Handlebar, stem or stem cap | Dimensions: ‎13.1 x 6.9 x 1.7cm | Weight: 40g | Waterproof: No

Case & mount included
Stays in place well
Nice looking
Doesn't fit all phones

The Topeak Ridecase is a rugged phone case that comes with a series of mounts for attaching it to your bike's handlebars, stem or stem cap. (You'll need a 4mm Allen key to fit it.) The case itself boasts a scratch resistant, dual density, non-slip, polymer/rubber exoskeleton for shock and impact protection. The fully angle-adjustable mount, meanwhile, allows viewing in landscape or portrait orientation and makes it easy to quickly add or remove the case. 

This mount doubles up as a flip-stand for your phone when you're not on your bike, and is compatible with wireless charging. The mounting kit is compatible with smartphones with screens between 4.5 and 5.5 inch in diameter.

(Image credit: VUP)
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4. VUP Bike Phone Holder

The best cheap phone mount for bikes

Compatible with: Phones with screens 4-6.7 inch in diameter | Mounting type: Handlebar | Dimensions: 13 x 6 x 4.5cm | Weight: 50g | Waterproof?: No

Easy to install
Works well
Unsuitable for larger phones

Looking to save cash? We'd generally warn against buying a cheap phone mount for your bike, as you may well be risking far more money than you save, should your smartphone get damaged. If you're really strapped for cash, though, the VUP Bike Phone Holder is your safest bet. 

Compatible with phones between 4.0 and 6.7-inches in screen diameter, it's very easy to attach to any handlebar between 18-35mm in diameter, just by tightening the buckle. You can rotate the phone through 360 degrees to get the right viewing angle. And despite the low cost, its built-in shock-absorbing silicone pad does a fine job of keeping your phone stable throughout your rides.

(Image credit: Wild Man)
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5. Wild Man Bike Phone Mount Bag

The best waterproof phone mount for bikes

Compatible with: Phones with screens max 6.5 inch in diameter | Mounting type: Stem | Dimensions: 18 x 10.5 x 8.3cm | Weight: 125g | Waterproof?: Yes

Easy to attach
Lots of storage
Space stealer

If you need waterproof protection for your phone while riding, with all the products featured so far, you'll need to buy a separate waterproof case. The Wild Man Bike Phone Mount Bag, though, has all that covered. 

Attaching to the front frame of your bike via velcro straps, this shake-proof, pressure-proof and non-forming bag is made of high-class waterproof material with sealed double zippers. It fits smartphones with screens up to 6.5 inch in diameter.

The TPU transparent touchscreen case allows you to continue using your phone for maps, navigation and calls. And you can insert a headphone or USB cable between the zippers while still protecting your phone from water. Meanwhile, beneath your phone there's plenty of storage in the back for things like your wallet and keys. The downside of that is that the bag takes up a lot of space at the front of your bike.

Rokform Pro Series Quad Tab Mount

(Image credit: Rokform)

6. Rokform V4 Pro Series Phone Bike Mount

Solid and rugged mount for mountain bikers

Compatible with: iPhones, Galaxy phones (separate case needed) | Mounting type: Stem cap | Dimensions: 15.24 x 10.16 x 2.54 cm | Weight: 127g | Waterproof?: No

Rugged build 
Attaches firmly to bike 
Great for rough terrain 
Fiddly to attach 
Overkill for normal cycling

If you're a mountain biker, or indeed anyone cycling across rugged terrain or grit roads, your main priority with a phone mount will be that it's held firmly in place. With the Rokform Pro Series Quad Tab Mount you can be sure of that, thanks to its dual retention lock system featuring a twist-lock and integrated magnet. Made from 6061 T-6 aircraft grade aluminum, it's nice and rugged too. And you can angle it from -20 to +55 degrees. 

Note that you have to use a wrench to fix it in place, so it's not suitable if you want to keep swapping from bike to bike. Also be aware that it only fits bikes that accept 1-1/8” threadless steer tubes; this includes most road and mountain bike models. And you'll need a Rokform phone case or a Rokform universal adapter too; this is for the mount only.

(Image credit: Zefal)
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7. Zefal Bike Kit

A solid and well-made option

Compatible with: Any phone between 65-100mm wide and between 125-165mm high | Mounting type: Handlebar or stem | Dimensions: ‎3 x 15 x 15cm | Weight: 88g | Waterproof?: No

Works well
Nice and stable
Doesn't do anything exciting
Attaching sticker is a faff

The Zefal Bike Kit is another solid choice for attaching your smartphone to your bike. It comes with an adhesive sticker for attaching your phone to the mount. And the mount itself fixes to your bike's handlebars or stems via stretchy O-rings, making everything nice and stable. You can position your phone in either portrait or landscape, and while there's nothing particularly amazing about this mount, it does do its job very well. 

(Image credit: SP Connect)
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8. SP Connect Bike Bundle

All-in-one solution with weather cover included

Compatible with: Current iPhones, current Samsung Galaxy phones, Google Pixel, some Huawei smartphones | Mounting type: Handlebar or stem | Dimensions: 18.4 x 10.2 x 4.9cm | Weight: 220g | Waterproof?: Yes (with included weather cover)

All-in-one solution
Includes weather cover
Fiddly to attach
Only supports certain phones

This phone mount attaches to your bike's stem or handlebars and is adjustable to fit diameters from 0.9 to 1.7 inches. It features a proprietary 90-degree twist-to-lock mechanism and a customized case for adding your phone. Note, however, that cases are only available for current iPhones, current Samsung Galaxy phones, Google Pixel, and some Huaweis.

This mount allows you to view your phone in horizontal or vertical orientation. And you get a stem mount, a clamp mount, and a weather cover in the package, so it really is an all-in-one solution. 

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