F&V HDR-300 review: is this the best ring light for super-soft lighting?

F&V HDR-300 review: is this the best option for super-soft lighting?

Soft, shadowless light is just the ticket for flattering portraiture or product shots and a ring light is one of the easiest ways to achieve it.

F&V HDR-300 review: is this the best option for super-soft lighting?

The F&V HDR-300 encircles your camera’s lens to minimise directional shadows. The HDR-300 has the bonus of being a continuous ring light, so it shines with both stills and video.

A maximum brightness of 1950 Lux at one metre gives enough oomph to illuminate a subject from around three metres before you’ll need to ramp up your camera’s sensor sensitivity.

300 individual LEDs emit a 65-degree beam of 5,600K daylight-balanced light that all but eliminates shadows.

Power comes from a mains input, and there’s a mounting plate for a Sony NP-F series rechargeable Li-ion battery pack.

The only snag is that neither the battery nor a mains adaptor is included.

F&V throws in a couple of magnetic filters, which attach instantly to create a diffused or tungsten-balanced look.

You also get a metal bracket to connect the light to your camera, although if you’d prefer to fix everything to a tripod or light stand, the bracket has mounting points for both.
Price: £175 / $199

Score: 5/5

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