Best photo apps for photographers reviewed and rated

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    Photo editing has really come far in a short amount of time. Photo apps for Android, iPhone and iPad have allowed a new generation of photographers to explore the limits of their creativity.

    Best photo apps for photographers reviewed and rated

    But there are photo apps for more than just photo editing. Photo apps run the gamut these days, from tide and sunset calculators, lens databases to photo apps that can allow you to trigger your camera via your smartphone or tablet.

    There are so many photo apps out there it can be difficult to know what’s worth your time. In this post we’ve rounded up some of the best photo apps designed with photographers in mind.

    These are photo apps that are more than just a quick novelty act; rather, the apps in this collection all offer something extra to your photography, whether it’s that remote triggering capability, a depth of field calculator or daily inspiration.

    We’ve tested all of the photo apps in this post, and we’ll continue to update with more as and when we find ones we like.

    Best Photo Apps: ioShutterCam

    Best Photo Apps: ioShutterCam

    Create beautiful timelapse films or just mess about tracking any slow- moving subject with ioShutterCam. This app works with your iPhone’s built-in camera and is easy to program, automatically compiling the separate images into a video.

    Other nice touches include ShakeToTake and ClapToSnap, where the app takes a shot upon a shake of your iPhone or a clap of the hands. It’s really fun to use.

    Price: £1.99
    Download this photo app:
    Score: 5/5

    Best Photo Apps: Pop Camera

    Best Photo Apps: Pop Camera

    Hipstamatic users will likely feel an overwhelming sense of familiarity on downloading Pop Camera. But with a funky design and the ability to shoot double exposures and sequences, it has its own uses.

    Toy camera effects can be achieved using a variety of vintage and retro filters, and there aren’t any In-App purchases. The ability to shoot in high resolution means you can share your pictures via Twitter, Flickr and Facebook.

    It’s a great app, but if you’ve already got Hipstamatic or Instagram, you may find that the £1.49 isn’t wholly worth it.

    Price: £1.49
    Download this photo app:
    Score: 4/5

    PAGE 1 – Best Photo Apps: ioShutterCam; Pop Camera
    PAGE 2 – Best Photo Apps: Photosynth; Pro HDR; Hueless
    PAGE 3 – Best Photo Apps: PhotoCalc; Canon Lenses; Blipfoto
    PAGE 4 – Best Photo Apps: Scoopshot; Foap; Percolator
    PAGE 5 – Best Photo Apps: Pashadelic; Awesomize; Shoot&Learn
    PAGE 6 – Best Photo Apps: Alt Photo; TriggerTrap; Photography Week
    PAGE 7 – Best Photo Apps: Adobe Photoshop Touch
    PAGE 8 – Best Photo Apps: Blux Photo Pro


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