Best close-up lens: 6 top models tested and rated

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    Like fitting a magnifying glass to the front of your regular lenses, these attachments make small subjects look big. In our latest round-up of essential accessories we test 6 models to find out which is the best close-up lens.

    How we tested
    We photographed a range of small subjects with each lens, under varying lighting conditions. We tested build quality, and checked the image quality for sharpness, contrast, colour and distortions.

    Best Close-up Lens: 01 Cokin Close-up P103

    Best Close-up Lens: 01 Cokin Close-up P103

    Price: £25  Buy it:
    The only lens that doesn’t screw into a filter attachment, this square affair is from Cokin’s P series, so requires a holder and adaptor ring.

    These cost an additional £20 or so, unless you’re already using Cokin’s popular ND grad filters and the like.

    The high-quality +3 dioptres lens offers very good image quality, and comes in its own protective case.

    As you’d expect, it’s a reassuringly firm and snug fit in the P series holder, which can be used with lenses that have filter threads of up to 82mm.

    Our verdict

    Pros: Ideal if you’re already using Cokin P series filters
    Cons: Bulky compared with screw-in filters

    Score: 82%

    PAGE 1 – Best Close-up Lens: 01 Cokin Close-up P103
    PAGE 2 – Best Close-up Lens: 02 Hama Macro Lens Set
    PAGE 3 – Best Close-up Lens: 03 Hoya Close Up +3

    PAGE 4 – Best Close-up Lens: 04 SRB-Griturn Close Up Lens Set

    PAGE 5 – Best Close-up Lens: 05 SRB-Griturn 10x Close Up Lens

    PAGE 6 – Best Close-up Lens: 06 Tiffen Close Up Set

    PAGE 7 – Five things to look for in a close-up lens


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