Best photo backpacks: 6 top models tested and rated

Best photo backpacks: 6 top models tested and rated

In our latest group test of the top photo accessories we review 6 of the best photo backpacks on the market to find out which one offers the best balance of security and comfort.

Fed up with conventional gadget bags giving you a pain in the neck and sliding off your shoulder at the most inconvenient moments? Load your kit into a photo backpack and the weight is distributed much more evenly.

Both of your shoulders, your upper back and your pelvis all play a part in taking the strain. You get much more freedom of movement, with the pack staying firmly fixed in place.

For added stability, especially on tricky terrain, an adjustable waist strap is usually fitted, as well as a chest strap that helps to stop the shoulder straps from sliding around.

If you’ve got several lenses, a flashgun and other accessories, you’re best off with a ‘full photo’ backpack, where the whole of the main compartment is given over to photography kit.

The other option is a split photo/daypack but, as you’ll see from the likes of the Hama, Think Tank and Vanguard backpacks in our test group, some new designs go all-out for versatility.

Best photo backpacks: Hama Daytour 230

Best photo backpacks: Hama Daytour 230

Price: £100, $150
Buy it:
Can’t decide between a full photo and split daypack? The innovative Hama Daytour offers both options in one bag.

It’s split into two sections but both are decked out with adjustable dividers for cosseting plenty of camera kit.

Alternatively, you can remove the dividers from either or both sections to use the bag as a split photo daypack, or even just as a regular backpack.

Full-length zips offer unrestricted access to the compartments, and both also feature quick-access openings for grabbing a camera with attached lens when you’re in a hurry to capture a scene.

Organiser sections are on hand for memory cards and batteries (separated between fresh and wasted) and filters.

Extra external pockets are plentiful but there’s no dedicated laptop compartment.

Our Verdict
Pros… Quick access to cameras, strong build, excellent value
Cons… Not suitable for really long, super-telephoto lenses
WE say… Well thought out, beautifully made, a top bargain

Score: 4/5

Best photo backpacks: Hama Daytour 230
Best photo backpacks: Manfrotto Veloce VII
Best photo backpacks: Lowepro Flipside 400 AW
Best photo backpacks: Tamrac Expedition 6x
Best photo backpacks: Think Tank Photo Glass Limo
Best photo backpacks: Vanguard Quovio 44
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    i need a backpack that will fit in a long telephoto lens, i can’t find one anywhere.
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    Anyone had any experience with f-Stop products? Do they perform as well as they look? Been looking at the Tilopa or Satori backpacks.