Photoshop CC: the 10 most important features in Adobe’s new software

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    The next version of Photoshop has been announced – dubbed Photoshop CC – and its pricing model is already causing some controversy. However you look at it, Creative Cloud and Photoshop CC is here to stay. So here are the 10 most important features this new Adobe software has to offer.

    Words and images by Steve Caplin

    A new version of Photoshop is always cause for celebration, as users look forward to new features and enhanced workflows. This time, the usual 18-month to 2-year cycle has been cut to just a year, as Adobe feels pressured to deliver more frequent updates to its Creative Cloud members – and it shows.

    There are few major new tools in Photoshop CC, although there are some useful new ways of working.

    The biggest fuss has been caused by Adobe’s branding of this version not as CS7, but as Photoshop CC, which is their way of moving all users away from outright purchase and onto a monthly subscription model.

    The Photoshop community has been up in arms about the cost implications – although, as we see it, it can work out to be a very cost-effective way to get Photoshop. See the Subscriptions Info panel at the end of this feature for details on how the costs pan out.

    Click below to watch our in-depth video discussing these 10 important features in Photoshop CC; alternatively, scroll through this post to read about each Photoshop CC feature individually.

    Photoshop CC Key Features: 1. Shake Reduction

    The “deblur” filter, which caused so much fuss when it was leaked, is now included in Photoshop CC – to an extent.

    Given the right starting image, it can go a long way towards reducing a very particular kind of blur: but it doesn’t like noisy images, or motion blur.

    It works by tracing ghosting and calculating the blur path.

    You can set up multiple blur paths for different regions, and even draw your own; Photoshop will blend all the regions together smoothly.

    Photoshop CC Key Features: 1. Shake Reduction
    Photoshop CC Key Features: 2. Dynamic Round Corners
    Photoshop CC Key Features: 3. Smart Sharpen upgrade
    Photoshop CC Key Features: 4. Sharing data and information
    Photoshop CC Key Features: 5. 3D layer enhancements
    Photoshop CC Key Features: 6. Image Size
    Photoshop CC Key Features: 7. Smart Object Liquify
    Photoshop CC Key Features: 8. Camera Raw filter
    Photoshop CC Key Features: 9. Improved path operations
    Photoshop CC Key Features: 10. Conditional Actions


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