Bessel WP6 400Ws review: can you really take studio-grade lighting anywhere?

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    In our Bessel WP6 400Ws review we test whether this new portable flash system can deliver the results you need and give you quality studio lighting anywhere you choose to shoot.

    Bessel WP6 400Ws portable flash system review: can you really take studio-grade lighting anywhere you go?

    The Bessel WP6 portable lighting system has a 4500mAh Li-ion battery that can churn out up to 400 flashes per charge, while maintaining fast sub-2-second recycle times at full power.

    At 3.5kg it’s light enough to sling over your shoulder on its carry strap, and it also comes with a hard case, a full-size flash head stand and a handle for mobile use.

    It features a powerful 400Ws flash head complete with 35W modelling lamp and spill kill.

    For outdoor use the modelling lamp isn’t really up to the job, but the flash itself has enough poke to overpower all but the brightest direct sunlight.

    As it’s a budget kit, you don’t get a second output socket for splitting power over two heads, so if you want to create a key and fill light set-up, you’ll need to fork out for another kit.

    Although Bessel’s offering can’t match the polished build quality of some prestige brands, it packs quite a punch for a very reasonable price.

    Buy it:
    Price: £399

    Score: 5/5


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