Raw Processing Tips: 7 ways the Basic Panel can kick-start your photo editing

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    In our latest Raw Tuesday post on raw processing we take a closer look at the Basic Panel in Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom and explain why it’s the best place to begin your photo editing.

    Raw Processing Tips: 7 ways the Basic Panel can kick-start your photo editing

    As more and more DSLR owners are realising, raw format is the best capture format for photographers who want maximum quality and control.

    Raw format files don’t go through any in-camera processing and therefore contain a complete record of all the information your camera records, while JPEGs (the other format option) are processed in-camera, with any unused information discarded.

    As a result, raw files often look a little flat straight out of camera when compared to JPEGs, as you may have noticed if you’ve been shooting in Raw+JPEG mode.

    Our before image

    Our before image

    Because of this, once you’ve downloaded your raw files, you’ll usually want to make a few changes to improve the tones. The best place to begin making these improvements is Photoshop’s Basic Panel.

    Available in both Photoshop’s Camera Raw plug-in and Lightroom’s Develop Module, the Basic panel houses 11 sliders that allow you to make simple yet powerful edits: setting White Balance, fixing exposure issues, rescuing details, adjusting contrast and tweaking colour. Find out how to get the basics right with these seven pro tips.

    Raw Processing Tips: 01 White Balance

    Raw Processing Tips: 01 White Balance

    Open your start image and correct the White Balance. The drop-down list of presets is a useful starting point.

    The Temperature slider is measured in Kelvin. Drag it left for cooler tones and right to add warmth.

    Use Tint to correct magenta or green colour casts. Alternatively, grab the White Balance tool and click over a neutral point.

    Here we’ve set Temperature 6900, Tint +10.

    PAGE 1: Raw Processing Tips – 01 White Balance
    PAGE 2: Raw Processing Tips - 02 Exposure
    PAGE 3: Raw Processing Tips - 03 Whites and Blacks
    PAGE 4: Raw Processing Tips - 04 Highlights and Shadows
    PAGE 5: Raw Processing Tips - 05 Saturation and Vibrance
    PAGE 6: Raw Processing Tips - 06 Contrast and Clarity
    PAGE 7: Raw Processing Tips - 07 Previews


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