Photography Lighting: how to take control of everything from natural light to flash

Photography Lighting: take control of everything from natural light to off-camera flash

Soften the light from your flash

Best Flash Diffuser: 01 LumiQuest Softbox III

There are a number of accessories that will soften the light from your flash. The first are accessories such as a softbox or umbrella that soften the light by making the light source much bigger.

Meanwhile the second type – clip-on diffusers, for example – produce softer light by spreading the light from the flash so that more of it reaches the subject having been reflected off objects around you.

Finally, remember it’s the size of the light source in relation to the subject that affects the quality of the light.

So, even using a softbox or umbrella, the closer the flash is to the subject, the softer the light will be, and the further away, the more harsh.

Try looking at the light from the subject’s perspective; if you have a flash with a softbox attached that’s 50x50cm square, this will look huge if it’s 50cm away from you.

But move it 5m away and it looks hardly bigger than a bare flashgun. The further away the flash, the larger the diffuser needs to be to give a softer light.

Your remote flash options (infographic)

If you want to take more control over the light, using remote flash is one of the best techniques you can use. In our infographic below we show you three popular options for doing this.

Click on the infographic to see the larger version, or drag and drop it to your desktop.

Your remote flash options (photography infographic)

PAGE 1: Understanding the character of light
PAGE 2: How to control your photography lighting
PAGE 3: Taking control of the light
PAGE 4: Use a reflector to fill in the shadows
PAGE 5: Using fill-in flash
PAGE 6: Making the most of natural light
PAGE 7: Predicting the natural light
PAGE 8: Shoot in the direction of light
PAGE 9 Exposing in low light
PAGE 10: Shooting in twilight vs complete darkness
PAGE 11: How to shoot handheld in low light
PAGE 12: Why you might want to use flash
PAGE 13: Soften the light from your flash
PAGE 14: How to use flash triggers


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