Rogue Master Lighting Kit Review: is this the best flash modifier you can buy?

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    The Rogue Master Lighting Kit offers photographers enormous potential for bouncing, focusing or even changing the color temperature of light. So is this the best flash modifier for photographers? Find out in our Rogue Master Lighting Kit review.

    Rogue Master Lighting Kit Review: is this the best flash modifier ever?

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    Flash modifiers can be a great way to create numerous lighting effects, but they often consume precious space in your bag. The Rogue Master Lighting Kit, however, doesn’t take up much more room than a small laptop, and is much lighter.

    You get three panel sizes, each containing metal wires to bend them into a variety of shapes. Use them to reflect light onto a subject from a bounced flash, or bend the sides round to form a snoot for focusing light.

    When you need to soften light a diffusion sheet can be attached to the front of a FlashBender, creating a compact softbox.

    This only restricts light transfer by around 1/2 a stop, but there’s little improvement in light softness and shadows are disappointingly harsh.

    If you prefer a more focused light, the three-in-one honeycomb grid works a treat. Two grid sizes create 45° or 25° spot lighting effects, or combine both for a 16° beam.

    The kit also has a pack of coloured gels and colour temperature filters for the grid system, and a pack to attach straight to your flashgun. For a collection of really portable flash modifiers, this kit offers great value.

    SCORE: 3/5


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