Lee Filters Seven5 Micro Filter System review: is it the best filter for CSC users?

Lee Filters Seven5 Micro Filter System review:

We test the Lee Filters Seven5 Micro Filter System, the new filter kit designed specifically for compact system cameras. Is this the perfect filter kit for CSC users?

Lee Filters Seven5 Micro Filter System review:

Compact system cameras (CSCs) now boast such high image quality that they’re fast becoming a tempting alternative to bulkier DSLRs.

However, unfortunately one area where CSCs still lag behind the good old SLR is the availability of compatible accessories such as filter kits. Seeing this gap in the market, Lee Filters has developed the Seven5 filter system, which has been designed specifically for CSCs.

To get you started, Lee offers a starter kit including a filter holder and a 0.6 Neutral Density hard-graduated filter that’s ideal 
for balancing the contrast of landscape shots with bright skies.

The relatively large 75x90mm filter size means they should cover most CSC lenses with ease, while the holder can contain an additional filter should you fancy getting more creative and combining a pair of filters.

You will, however, still need to purchase a separate adaptor ring of the specific size required to attach the holder to your lens.

Lee has a reputation for producing superb quality filters, and these baby Seven5s are no exception. Light transfer through the tinted section is exceptionally neutral, with no colour casting visible to the naked eye (or detectable in Photoshop).

Our only gripe with this kit is the price. To be fair, Lee Filters’ filters are meticulously crafted by hand in England to the highest quality, but £112 is still hard to stomach for just a single filter and a holder.

The situation isn’t helped by the fact that arch filter rival Cokin is now offering an equivalent CSC-compatible filter kit for less than half the price.

Price: £112
Buy it: www.leefilters.com

Score: 3/5


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