100 Nikon DSLR tips you need to know right now

100 Nikon DSLR tips you need to know right now

100 Need-to-know Nikon DSLR Tips: 21-30


21. Average metering
All Nikon DSLRs offer a centre-weighted metering mode, but what if you want simpler ‘average’ metering? This is a hidden option on all Nikon pro DSLRs and the D7000 amongst the custom settings for the centre-weighted area size.

22. JPEGs for bursts
RAW files are great for ultimate quality, but your camera can save more JPEGs in a burst. On a D3100, say, it’s the difference between getting six shots and 100 shots!

23. Settings banks
Pro Nikon DSLRs let you create sets of custom settings via ‘banks’ A, B, C and D.

24. Recent Items
Need to change a setting you’ve just made? There’s no need to plod back through the menus because it’ll be on the Recent Items menu!

25. Reconfigure the AE-L/AF-L button
The AE-L/AF-L button locks both the focus and exposure, just like half-pressing the shutter release. So what’s the point of that? Well, you can also configure it to lock only the focus or only the exposure, which is much more useful. It can also be used as an AF-On button on cameras that don’t have one.

26. AF-On button
Professional photographers swear by it; others hardly notice it’s there. The AF-On button can be configured to take over autofocus activation from the shutter release button. Most pros find this offers a much more instinctive way of working.

27. My menu
On Nikon’s pro DSLRs you can swap the Recent Items menu for your own custom ‘My Menu’ – open the menu and select the Choose tab.

28. D7000 ‘U’ modes
The Nikon D7000 bridges the gap between pro DSLRs and amateur models. It lets you save two lots of custom settings, selected using U1 and U2 on the mode dial.

29. Set the date!
Your Nikon embeds the time and date in each image, and you (or your cataloguing software) might need this information one day, so be sure to set it correctly.

30. No card inserted?
It’s annoying when the shutter won’t fire because there’s no memory card inserted. Find the Slot Empty Release Lock setting and set it to Enable Release.


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