100 Nikon DSLR tips you need to know right now

100 Nikon DSLR tips you need to know right now

100 Need-to-know Nikon DSLR Tips: 11-20


11. Auto ISO
Auto ISO isn’t just for novices! It’s ideal for travel photography, when you’re shooting in a range of different conditions. On a bright day it’ll automatically choose a low ISO setting, so there’s no need to worry about quality.

12. Don’t keep switching on and off
You’re wasting your time, and your camera’s power-management features. Your Nikon DSLR will power down automatically if it hasn’t been used for a while.

13. Power-saving
Does your Nikon DSLR shut down too quickly? Go to the Settings menu and change the power-off delay time.

14. Built-in spirit level
Some Nikon models have a ‘virtual horizon’, which can be displayed via the Setup menu or ‘live’ in the Live View mode.

15. Help!

If you see a ‘?’ symbol in the bottom left corner of the LCD display, press the Help (‘?’) button for an on-screen hint.


16. Half pressing the shutter

Your Nikon DSLR starts working the moment you half-press the shutter release, fixing the exposure and the focus, but it’s only when you press it the whole way that it takes the picture. You can use this to reframe your shot without changing the settings, or eliminate shutter lag due to autofocus delay.


17. Eyepiece dioptre
Does the viewfinder information look blurred? All Nikon DSLRs have a tiny dioptre setting dial next to the viewfinder eyepiece to allow you to adjust the focus for your own eyesight.


18. Mirror lockup
The Lock mirror up command is used for sensor cleaning, but many Nikons (D7000 and up) also have a Mirror Up mode, to reduce shake in tripod shots.


19. VR settings
Some Nikon lenses have two VR settings. Stick to the Normal setting, and only use Active if you’re being thrown around in the back of a Land Rover, for example.


20. LCD illumination
Shooting at night and can’t see your status panel? The power switch has an extra spring-loaded detent that activates the LCD backlight for a few seconds.


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