100 Nikon DSLR tips you need to know right now

100 Nikon DSLR tips you need to know right now

100 Amazing Nikon DSLR Tips: 91-100

91. Create your own Picture Controls
Picture Controls change the way the image is processed to tweak the contrast, saturation and tonal rendition of your pictures. If you like super-saturated landscapes, for example, a custom Picture Control can recreate the look you like.

92. NEF white balance
If you shoot raw, you can use the NEF (raw) Processing tools to see the effect of different white balance settings. Try using the Incandescent setting to emphasise cool, dawn light, for example.

93. Highlight warning
In the ‘highlight warning’ mode, pictures display normally, except that if any areas have been overexposed, such as bright skies, these areas flash as a warning.

94. Image comments
You can add a comment to your photos, such as a location or model name, but it’s a non-standard data field, and you won’t see it in Adobe Bridge.

95. Format shortcut
If your Nikon has a red ‘Format’ button on the top, there will be another on the back. These offer a quick way to format your memory card. You press and hold until ‘For’ appears on the status panel on the top, then press both again to format the card.

96. Lock images
In Playback mode you can lock images to prevent them being deleted using the ‘Lock’ (key) button. This is in a different place on different cameras. It’s easy to press accidentally, and if you’re wondering why you’ve got some photos you can’t delete – this is why!

97. RAW+JPEG deleting
Watch out! If you set your Nikon to shoot RAW+JPEG, it’s only the JPEG version that appears during playback – and if you delete this, the raw file is deleted too.

98. Playback folders
Each camera you use will set up its own folder on the memory card, and will usually only show the contents of that folder – you can use the Playback Folder option to change this.


99. Trim movies
Movie files take up a lot of space on your memory card, but you can trim them in-camera and save a copy. Then you can delete the original to free up some space.


100. Play a slideshow
Why scroll through your images manually when the camera can do it for you? Look for the Slide show option on the Playback menu – you can even choose the transition.


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    Thanks for the tips aim moving up from d50 to d5300.