Nikon camera batteries: the complete list for every current DSLR

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    Do you need a replacement Nikon battery? To help save you time we’ve compiled a handy list of all the Nikon camera batteries and chargers for every current Nikon DSLR model.

    Nikon camera batteries: the complete list for every current DSLR

    The sequence can look confusing until you understand the system behind it. Nikon camera batteries are paired with chargers, so there aren’t that many permutations.

    Nikon battery types have the prefix ‘EN-‘, while chargers have the prefix ‘MH-‘.

    Nikon chargers are numbered roughly chronologically, so the MH-18a is the oldest currently in use and the MH-27 the newest. The list does reveal some interesting points:

    • The EN-EL3e/MH-18a combination was used for entry-level and enthusiasts’ Nikon DSLRs from the D90 right up to the D700.
    • The D4 swapped from the D3-series’ EN-EL4a/MH-22 combination to a new EN-EL18/MH-26 pairing, and many pros weren’t pleased!
    • The Nikon 1 V1 has the same battery/charger combination as the D7000 and D800.


    Simply drag and drop this to your desktop to save it as a handy reference.


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