7 cheap photo accessories you really need to own

7 cheap photo accessories you really need to own: close-up lenses

Everyone knows about using a tripod and the benefits of using flash. These are some of the more common budget photo accessories on the market, and everyone has them. But if you really want to transform your photos, there are plenty more essentials available to you for under £100 (or whatever currency you may use!).

7 cheap photo accessories you really need to own

Many of these photo accessories are really conveniences, such as spare batteries, extra memory cards, camera bags and so on, and these won’t transform your shots.

However, we’ve detailed seven of the best cheap photo accessories that will give you the best value for money in terms of how much they can breathe new life into your photography.

7 cheap photo accessories you really need to own: close-up lenses

Close-up lenses
With dedicated macro lenses starting at over £200 they aren’t really an option for those on a budget. But there are a couple of options that can offer you the opportunity to shoot close-ups at a much cheaper price.

Close-up lenses look like filters, but they are actually lenses because they aren’t simply flat glass. Just like a filter they screw on to the front of your existing lens – although they are available for the smaller square filter systems too – and allow your lens to focus closer than normal.

Close-up lenses are available in a range of strengths, known as dioptres, such as +1, +2 and +4, although you’ll also find them simply referred to as a number, such as close-up 1. The higher this number, the more powerful the effect of the lens, allowing you to focus closer.

The magnification factor of the lens depends on the focal length of the lens to which you attach it, but as a rough guide, at the longest setting on an 18-55mm standard zoom lens on an APS-C camera, a +2 close-up lens will enable you to fill the frame with an object around 80mm long. A +4 close-up lens will fill the frame with something around 60mm long.

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