Review: Bessel Continuous Lighting Kit

Review: Bessel Continuous Lighting Kit

Review: Bessel Continuous Lighting Kit

Bessel is a relatively new, factory-direct British company that specialises in supplying photographic lighting equipment at bargain prices.

The Bessel studio lighting kit comprises a pair of lamps, each with their own softbox and stand, plus a double-sided vinyl backdrop, support stands and carry cases.

Such a kit could set you back well over £500 from a big brand, yet for all this Bessel charges just £230. At the heart of the package are two 125W energy-saving bulbs that output 5,400K daylight-temperature light while keeping unwanted heat to a minimum.

Surrounding each is a 70x50cm softbox incorporating an inner and outer diffuser, which in turn mounts to a fully adjustable stand.

Setting up the kit is fortunately quite simple, as the enclosed instructions aren’t very clear. Assembling the softboxes is a time- consuming and fiddly affair, but this shouldn’t be a major headache unless you plan to change locations on a regular basis.

The kit’s double-sided vinyl background has black and white sides for creating shots of varying moods, and does a pretty good job of reflecting or absorbing light.

The quality of the vinyl looks and feels better than you might expect considering the budget price tag, and is long enough to create a seamless backdrop and floor setting.

The Bessel studio kit may not be the fastest to erect or collapse, and probably wouldn’t survive much abuse, but if you’re in need of a high-performing continuous studio lighting set-up and treat it carefully, Bessel’s offering represents outstanding value for money.

Price: £230

SCORE: 5/5


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