Firmware Updates: is your camera up to date?

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    Are you concerned that your camera might be lacking some of the latest features and important software upgrades? You can quickly look up the latest available firmware updates for your camera on the manufacturer’s website.

    To start, make a note of the release number and compare it with the firmware version number that you’ll find in your camera’s Set-up menu.

    The firmware update procedure may vary slightly from one make and model of camera to another, so it’s important to follow the instructions carefully.

    As a rough guide, our step-by-step guide to firmware updates (below) shows how it’s normally done. Just make sure your camera battery is fully charged and don’t switch the camera off or press any of its buttons while any firmware updates are being applied.

    How to install firmware updates on your camera: Step 1

    1 Compare versions
    First, check the current firmware version of your camera in the Set-up menu and compare this with the latest version available on the manufacturer’s website.


    How to install firmware updates on your camera: Step 2

    2 Download and copy
    If a newer firmware version is available, download it onto your computer. Format a memory card and then copy the file or files to 
its root directory (top folder).


    How to install firmware updates on your camera: Step 3

    3 Apply the firmware
    Insert the memory card into your 
camera, switch it on and navigate to the Update Firmware option in the Set-up menu. Press the OK button to apply the update.


    How to install firmware updates on your camera: Step 4

    4 Don’t touch!
    Don’t switch the camera off or try to operate it while the firmware update is being applied. It usually only takes a couple of minutes for the process to be completed.


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