Studio lighting: 4 seriously simple lighting techniques to try at home

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    Studio Lighting Setup 1 | Rembrandt


    This studio lighting technique is ideal for artistic shots with depth

    Studio Lighting Techniques: Rembrandt

    A simple reflector can be really useful in a studio lighting setup, especially if you’re only using one light.

    You use it the same way you would with natural light – to bounce light back onto your subject and fill in any hard shadow areas.

    Studio Lighting Techniques: Rembrandt setup

    Position one flash head with a silver brolly at a 45° angle to the model at about six feet high.

    This creates a strong, hard, direct light from the side and above. This is called a key light.

    To even the lighting, position a reflector on the other side of the model to bounce the light back into the shadow side.

    There should be a small triangle of light on the subject’s face – this is referred to as Rembrandt lighting.

    Gear needed
    ■ One flash head ■ One reflector 
■ Two light stands

    PAGE 1: Introduction to studio lighting
    PAGE 2: Creating the perfect home photo studio
    PAGE 3: Rembrandt studio lighting setup
    PAGE 4: Clamshell studio lighting setup
    PAGE 5: Backlight studio lighting setup
    PAGE 6: Rim light studio lighting setup
    PAGE 7: Final tips on studio lighting


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