Vanguard Nivelo 245BK tripod review

Vanguard Nivelo 245BK tripod review

Vanguard Nivelo 245BK tripod review

Vanguard’s new Nivelo 245 is an ideal tripod for those wanting compact, lightweight portability, without sacrificing performance. Boasting one of the highest extension ratios on the market, it can extend from a folded length of 38cm up to a maximum height of 161cm. It weighs just over 1.1kg.

Key to this height transformation is Vanguard’s innovative ball-and-socket joint in the tripod canopy. This attaches to a two-part extendable central column that can swing up from between the three main legs to enable the maximum height, or hang down for low-level shooting.

It’s a great feature that works well and significantly boosts height, without adding any extra bulk or length to the tripod’s total folded dimensions.

On top of the tripod is a dinky pan head in keeping with the Nivelo’s compact ethos. It’s not exactly the last word in versatility – switching between portrait and landscape shots requires remounting a camera through 90 degrees – but it functions smoothly and locks securely. There’s also a multi-directional spirit level set into the head, though mounting anything larger than a Nikon 1 will obscure its visibility.

In the field, the Nivelo 245 proves itself a capable foundation for a DSLR and kit lens. The five-section aluminium legs give good stability in most conditions, with the quick-twist leg locks providing easy adjustment and secure hold.

However, larger DSLRs, especially those coupled to heftier lenses, are likely to be pretty unwieldy on such a diminutive head and may expose flex in the slender tripod legs.

Although the Nivelo 245 won’t really cut it with a heavyweight professional setup, its decent build quality and clever expansion design make it a convenient, if relatively pricey, addition to most enthusiast-level kit bags.

Price: £120, $150

Score: 4/5


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