6 ways to keep shooting when it rains

6 ways to keep shooting when it rains

Just because it’s wet outside, your photography doesn’t have to suffer. In the past a driving rain may have meant having to pack away your camera. But improved weather-proofing of digital cameras and a wide range of accessories on the market means you have a number of options for getting great pictures in the rain. These quick camera tips show you how to stay productive when the weather is working against you.

6 ways to keep shooting when it rains

Tip 1: Save your plastic bags
Keep your equipment dry. Plastic bags can be used if you don’t have a dedicated rain cover – they’re also handy for placing your camera bag on to stop water seeping through.

Tip 2: Clamp your umbrella
Umbrellas can be awkward to hold, but placing the handle between your back and backpack can work and leaves both hands free. Another option is to buy a clamp for your tripod.

Tip 3: Lens hood
Fit a lens hood to keep any light rain off the front of the lens.

Tip 4: Dress for the weather
Wear protective clothing to maximise your shooting time in wet and windy weather, and consider investing in some waterproof trousers – there’s nothing worse than walking around in jeans that are wet through.

Tip 5: Use a high ISO
If you don’t have a ‘fast’ professional lens, you’ll need to work with your camera’s ISO ratings when shooting in bad weather conditions – you’re likely to be working at ISO 400 and above (find out when you should increase your ISO).

Tip 6: Stand on one leg
Consider taking a monopod if you don’t want the hassle of setting up a tripod in the pouring rain (see our guide to How to use a monopod).


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